Through The Lens Big Animals


Through The Lens Big Animals



Diego Garcia [Canada] Professional Underwater Photographer
At the age of 24, Diego was thrusted into the world of TV, handed an underwater camera and whisked away on a 12-episode travel show across Southeast Asia. Now with 15 years experience, Diego’s video work has appeared on Discovery Channel (Daily Planet, Shark Week), National Geographic, CNN, Crime & Investigation, CNA, and has filmed in more than 25 countries. In parallel to his TV work, Diego received his first assignment as an underwater photojournalist with Asian Diver Magazine in 2005, and went on to become editor of Scuba Diver AustralAsia Magazine. Today, he is Senior Editor of both magazine titles, bridging video with print in the multimedia landscape.

Amos Nachuom [Israel] Professional Underwater Photographer
Amos is a master of photographing big animals worldwide and has freedived with blue whales, crocodiles, and great white sharks. He is one of the five people ever to swim and photograph polar bears underwater. His photographs strive to dispel the myth of “dangerous” wildlife and show harmonious interactions between man and animal. His works have appeared in international publications and have won prestigious photography awards worldwide.

Renee Capozzola [USA] Professional Underwater Photographer
Born in Southern California, Renee has dived in most remote parts of the world. As an underwater photographer, she specialises in wide-angle and split-level images. She has won over fifty accolades and her work has appeared in many dive publications and television features. She aims to increase awareness of our fragile marine ecosystems and also educates her students about the importance of conserving marine ecosystems.

Jason Isley [United Kingdom] CVO – Scuba Zoo Wildlife Conservation Film Maker & Photographer
Jason co-founded an underwater film and photography company, Scubazoo. He filmed all over the world in major productions and was a driving force behind the publication division of Scubazoo. With a great understanding of the underwater realm, Jason has captured great behavioural shots. He uses his passion for marine conservation to connect people with the underwater world in weird and wonderful ways.