ADEX Beijing Ocean Festival 2024

The China (International) Island Tourism & Ocean Sports Expo (ITSEA), in collaboration with Asian Geographic, proudly presents ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta 2024, in partnership with the China Craft Beer Festival 2024. Join us for a summer feast of excitement!

From July 12-14, the grand opening of the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall) in Beijing will feature enchanting Mermaid Underwater Dance Competitions, thrilling Underwater Photography Competitions, mesmerizing Underwater Painting and Stunts, and an enlightening Marine Life Lecture Hall. Explore exhibits from numerous island countries and indulge in the refreshing taste of craft beer.

This exhibition promises laughter, surprises, and passion for all attendees. Whether you’re an island tourism enthusiast, water sports lover, or diving explorer, there’s something for everyone. Stay tuned for more updates on event schedules, exhibitor information, and interactive sessions on our page. Let’s countdown to this summer carnival together!

Asian Geographic: Planet Wander TV Series featuring Mergui Archipelago

Asian Geographic: Planet Wander TV Series featuring the Mergui Archipelago Expedition, which premiered at ADEX Ocean Mission Singapore on April2,   2023.

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Showcase the latest products to the diving industry and community. Brands are recommended to capitalise on this platform to feature the latest gadgets or technological advent to greater product awareness and brand positioning

Gain additional exposure for your products and services by offering exciting prizes for our three-day giveaway to all ADEX visitors

The BlueGreen360º Awards celebrates businesses and individuals that are pioneers in implementing sustainable solutions in their work and making a positive impact in the communities where they operate!

Exhibitors have the opportunity to present and showcase their latest products or services to a convened group of key decision-makers and business owners. An opportune platform for business to business exchanges and growth.

Executed by the Historical Diving Society Asia, the knowledge corner enlightens visitors on the history and science behind scuba diving and its beginnings.

We provide a wide range of activities, competitions, and art and craft for children to learn about conservation and to celebrate the ocean

At the TekDive conference, the pioneers of technical diving will share their passion of exploring the deep ocean trenches that are out of reach to the average diver. it is the go-to place for tekdiving enthusiasts around the world!

ADEX not only supports the diving community but all sports and skills related to the ocean. Visitors are treated to an array of watersport presentations and tryouts at the pool.

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Visitors can get their hands on the latest books from internationally renowned writers and underwater photographers. Presentations from the authors are followed by a book-signing session for interested participants.

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ADEX works with a wide network of incredibly talented photographers. From extreme explorers to the masters of macro, the image festival is a visual showcase of the world below the waves.

Be inspired and lured by the artistic creations from the ocean-loving ADEX Ocean artists as they work their magical wonders in the name of art and marine conservation!