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The Dive Media

Bernie Chowdhury [USA]

Bernie Chowdhury is the founder and co-publisher of The International Technical Diving Magazine. A world-class diver, Explorers Club Fellow, an author, and a recognized expert on extreme sport diving, he also makes documentary films and is a frequent lecturer.


Simon Pridmore [UK]

Over the last 25 years, Simon Pridmore has pioneered mixed-gas deep diving in Asia and has been involved in technical diver training, exploration and equipment manufacturing. Today, he writes books for divers, most recently “Scuba Exceptional – Become the Best Diver You Can Be” and “Dining with Divers – A Taste for Adventure”. 


Peter Symes [DENMARK]

Hailing from Denmark, with a Master’s degree in Biology and Media & Communication, Peter Symes is a former research scientist specialising in aquatic ecology and ecosystem modelling and restoration and is the founder, editor-in-chief and publisher of X-Ray Magazine and AquaScope Media.


Michael Menduno [US]

Michael Menduno is an award-winning reporter and technologist who has written about diving and diving technology for 30 years and serves as the executive editor of Global Underwater Explorers’ (GUE) new blog “InDepth.” He coined the term “technical diving.” 

His magazine “aquaCORPS: The Journal for Technical Diving (1990-1996) helped usher tech diving into mainstream sports diving. He also produced the first Tek, EUROTek and ASIATek conferences, and organized Rebreather Forums 1.0 and 2.0. Michael received the OZTEK Media Excellence Award in 2011, the EUROTek Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 and the TEKDive USA Media Award in 2018.


John Thet [Ocean Citizen]

Publisher/ Editorial Director ASian Geographic, Scuba Diver AustralAsia, Scuba Diver Ocean Planet, Asian Diver and The founder of underwater360 (ASIA’s LEADING DIVE HUB) & online media “”


David Strike [Australia] ADEX Ambassador For Technical Diving, Pioneer & Fellow of The Explorers Club

With a background in military, commercial, recreational and technical diving, David Strike is a regular speaker and presenter at regional and international diving events.  A former Field editor for Asian Diver Magazine who has authored several hundred articles about diving and organised several world-class technical diving events, he is the recipient of the ADEX ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for contributions to Technical Diving, and a Fellow of the Explorers Club of New York.