Over / Under Images with the Photography Gurus



Matthew Smith [Australia]
Matty is an award-winning underwater photographer, educator, tour leader, contributing photographer for Ocean Geographic Magazine, and a brand ambassador for Nikon Australia and Aquatica Digital Water Housings. He believes that it is vital to show people the treasures we have in our oceans, how fragile they are, and the importance of protecting them. He uses his skills as an underwater photographer to try to amaze and educate.

Gerald Nowak [Germany]
An instructor trainer at the CMAS Germany (FST) dive association and Instructor at Scuba School International (SSI), Nowak is a photo instructor in several associations, Trimix and Rebreather divers, as well as an impassioned ice-, wreck- and cave-diver. He has worked continuously for the German and international diving press for many years and is a regular photographer of the magazines Tauchen, Unterwasser, Silent World and Divemaster. He has won prizes in several national and international photography competitions.