RAID Releases World’s First Nitrox Virtual Analyzer App


Getting yourself certified as a Nitrox Diver is a natural progression for most divers these days, and it’s a great course to do during lockdown as no dives are required!

But, did you know that a requirement for the course is that you analyze a cylinder of nitrox under your instructor’s supervision? Now that is a little tricky as most people do not have a cylinder or a Nitrox Analyzer at home!

But don’t fear, RAID has the perfect solution for you! RAID has created a Virtual Nitrox Analyzer that simulates a real analyzer, so with a little guidance from your instructor, you can get through the analyzing process. This allows them to officially sign you off as a Nitrox Diver… even without leaving your home!

RAID’s Virtual Analyzer app is designed to look and function like an actual analyzer, which will prompt you if you make mistakes, and ask relevant questions before and after the analysis. The app is perfect for those taking up a Nitrox course as well as those who are already certified and want to refresh themselves on the use of an analyzer.

The app will fit into the syllabus of a Nitrox course by any dive agency but is created with the support of RAID to compliment their REMOTe-Learning program.

RAID’s Virtual Analyzer app is available on the Google Play Store ( and the Apple App Store (