Ticao Island Resort


Bask in the native flair of Philippine beauty on one of the untouched and yet to be discovered islands of the Philippines. Withdraw to the tranquility of nature on an island of warm tropical waters, white sand, and the shade of hundreds of coconut trees.

Dive into the waters with everything big and small. From Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, and Thresher Sharks to Mandarin Fish and Nudis. Relish is the colors of the ocean as the corals draw you into their splendor.

Donsol Eco Tour specializes in all-in-one eco-adventures and tours to the Bicol Region. We have been  at the forefront of developing tourism in the Bicol region since 2009, with Legazpi, Donsol, and Ticao Island as the original focus areas. As we have grown and strengthened as a company, we have  expanded our area of development to other areas in the Bicol region.

We are a company  that prides itself with the service that we provide; and even though we are  only a small operation in a rural setting, we aim to provide the same service and attention to detail  expected from bigger, more luxurious operations worldwide. From the time you book your vacation  with us, to the time you depart, our well trained staff is there to provide for your every want and  need. Our goal is to provide a relaxing and memorable vacation.

The work we do on the eco aspect is very close to our heart. Our business should not only be a  business to us but we have to give back to the community and the environment that has accepted us  so warmly.  In addition to incorporating best practices of reducing, reusing, and recycling to contribute to  lowering the human destruction to our planet, the heart of Ticao Island Resort’s eco activity is our work  with the community. Far flung provincial areas in the Philippines, do not realize the importance of being eco-friendly since they have more basic things to worry about like putting food on the table.  To us, being eco means knowing the problem and working on solving the problem at the root. Our projects include mangrove replanting, building and supporting an  elementary school in the village, and providing an alternate form of income for the villagers through  tourism. Ticao Isalnd Resort’s partnership with the University of Tel Aviv and the NGO LAMAVE (Large Marine Vertebrates), has supported the research on the Manta Rays and Whale Sharks in Manta Bowl. The researches conducted is key information as we work for the protection of Manta Bowl and its surrounding waters.