Mermaiding in East Asia – Catch the Trend and Be the Next Mermaid Star!


Mermaiding in East Asia – Catch the Trend and Be the Next Mermaid Star!


Alan Lam [HongKong]

Founding Director of MFI Mermaid Federation International
You can call him an educator, a person that dedicates his life to educating and inspiring people around the community. Started off from the diving industry, Alan was certificated as both scuba diving and freediving instructor in various systems and became the youngest AIDA freediving instructor of Hong Kong in 2015. In the same year, he placed his passion and love towards the underwater sports industry and began the journey in founding Mermaid Federation International (MFI), which aims to provide quality and safe professional mermaid courses for all. Namely, our Mermaid Godfather.

 Afa Zhang [Taiwan]

MFI Mermaid Instructor Trainer
“The sky is unlimited. I roll the dice perhaps because I have nothing to lose”. Suffering from depression in 2017, he gave up his dream of stage performance and devoted his life and soul to the ocean through his passion for freediving instead. “I can be identified as a freediving instructor, a dancer, or an underwater model, but I prefer to Afa.” He wishes to pass on the strength given to him by the ocean to those who cannot experience it personally, with the hope that more people will cherish and protect our deepwater resources.

Joyce Tan [China]

Founder of Genesis Mermaid Academy

Sayaka Kurishima [Japan]

Miss Scuba International 2018, MFI Mermaid

Jocelyn Choi [HongKong]

Keto Mermaid

Li Jiatong Sophi [China]

MFI Mermaid Instructor


Yukki Wong [Greater China HongKong / UK]

Chief Operating Officer of MFI Mermaid Federation International
“Let’s go plastic-free! No more straws, guys!” is one of the sentences that Yuki says the most. She is a well-educated individual in studying the United Nation’s goals, from MDGs to SDGs, also has been invited to do numerous MDG/SDG training in the past few years. She engages herself mainly in two main fields: women empowerment and environmental protection. For her, Mermaids, are aquatic creatures with the upper body of a human and tail of fish. We are the bridge between ocean and humans, as an Ocean Ambassador to raise awareness in ocean conversation. As well as to promote a woman’s independence and pursuit of self-awareness.