An annual competition where the world’s best and aspiring photographers, cinematographers and artists showcase their work to a panel of professional judges in front of a live audience at the ADEX Asia Dive Expo.

The submission deadline is 10th March 2025.

  1. Best Of Show
    All the winners from each category will automatically be placed in the Best of Show category and judged LIVE by a prestigious panel of ocean celebrities during the ADEX Bluewave Festival 2025.


  1. Mobile Photography
    Let’s celebrate the beauty and diversity of the underwater world and capture it through the lens of a mobile device. This category seeks to inspire and encourage mobile photographers to explore the depths of our oceans, and showcase their talent in capturing the magic of these underwater environments.


  1. DSLR Photography
    We want to see what you’ve managed to capture at the decisive moment underwater behind the DSLR lens. We’ll be judging shots from all aspects, from the technical (lighting, exposure) to the situation itself (subject rarity, difficulty level).


  1. Drone Photography
    We’re searching for extraordinary shots captured beneath the waves using your underwater drone. From exploring hidden underwater worlds to capturing the beauty of marine life from unique perspectives, we’re seeking images that showcase both technical skill and creative vision.


  1. Film Videography
    Love creating compelling underwater stories with moving images, using a camera with underwater housing? Then submit your best short film, featuring stunning shots of the wonders of the ocean, to our Video of the Year category. You’ll have a chance to showcase the beauty of the underwater world and compete for some incredible prizes.


  1. Art in Animal Behavior
    We are looking for impactful, thought-provoking illustrations around the theme – artwork of “Animal Behaviour”. (Traditional photography is not allowed in this category.)



Terms and Conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.