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Human Factors & Diving

Gareth Lock [UK] Founder and Director of The Human Diver, OE Technical and JJ CCR Diver

Gareth has been involved in high-risk work since he left school in 1989. He spent 25 years in the RAF in a variety of front-line operational, research and development and systems engineering roles which has given him a unique perspective. In 2005 he started his dive training with GUE and is now an advanced trimix diver (Tech 2) and JJ-CCR Normoxic trimix diver. In 2016 he formed The Human Diver with the goal of bringing his operational, human factors and systems thinking to dive safety. Since then he has trained more than 350 people face-to-face around the globe, taught nearly 2000 people via online programmes, sold more than 4000 copies of his book Under Pressure: Diving Deeper with Human Factors, and produced ‘If Only…’ a documentary about a fatal dive told through the lens of Human Factors and a Just Culture. His goal, bring human factors practice and knowledge into the diving community to improve safety, performance and enjoyment.