Monthly Photography Session: Macro Photography



Simon Lorenz [German / Hong Kong]
Underwater photographer Simon Lorenz is a tour leader, scuba instructor, photo coach, author and event speaker. His travel company Insider Divers offers guided group trips in which he and his colleagues aim to further the marine and photography skills of his guests. His photos and articles have appeared in magazines around the world and he has filmed for companies such as CNN and NatGeo. He supports various NGOs such as WWF and TNC and fights for the protection of sharks on the advisory board of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation. Simon speaks 6 languages and has dived on all continents.

Brett Lobwein [Australia]
Brett Lobwein is a passionate and environmentally-minded photographer from Australia. Whether shooting silky sharks in Cuba or fur seals in his native waterways, Brett aims to represent marine life in their natural element, without demonizing or sensationalizing an animal to gain attention to an image for the wrong reasons. Also, he is a strong advocate of protecting our oceans by raising awareness around the impact of single-use plastics.

Suzan Meldonian [USA]
Suzan Meldonian is a photojournalist specialising in underwater and nature photography. Her images have been seen in publications and she has published two photo ID books of the strange and unusual marine life found at the Blue Heron Bridge, Florida. Suzan has also won multiple prestigious awards for her works. Six years ago, she submerged into the mysterious world of black water diving, fulfilling an explorer’s need to discover new creatures.

Alan Lo [Hong Kong]
Alan Lo is a commercial photographer based in Hong Kong and a scuba diving aficionado. He has been selected as one of the world’s top 50 underwater photographers under Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms. Alan is the only spokesperson for Seacam Hong Kong, one of the World’s top underwater housing brands.