Images of Asia Panel Discussion



Manuel Librodo [Philippines] Professional Photographer
A highly-decorated photographer – Specialising in travel and people, glamour and fashion photography, his popularity among photographers and photography fans is showcased by more than 27 million hits on his website. A number of big names in international photography have given praise to Librodo‘s works. In 2009, Scott Kelby called Librodo a photographer who has “phenomenal vision” who “creates pure magic”. Kelby added that Librodo was “one of the world‘s five best photographers whom you probably haven‘t heard about.”

Jose Jeuland [France] Professional Photographer
Born in Brittany, France, but now based in Singapore, Jose Jeuland started his photography journey in documentary photography. His work has been featured in international publications, and his project ‘Haenyo’, on the women divers of Jeju Island, was showcased in rock band U2’s 2019 concert in Seoul.
He is also the founder of his own photography and videography studio, COCO Creative Studio, where alongside his team, he tackles a variety of commercial projects for clients in multiple industries.
However, with borders opening, keep a lookout for more of Jose’s documentary work, as he begins to take on more opportunities for projects overseas.

Eric Goh [Malaysia] Professional Photographer / Underwater Photographer
Eric Goh started his underwater photography career two decades ago. His underwater images have since graced international magazines and newspapers. His work has been commissioned by major tourism campaigns and has been featured prominently in city walkways and national billboards. He is frequently also a judge in international photography competitions.

Dr Kalus Stiefel [Austria / Philippines] Professional Photographer / Underwater Photographer
Originally from Vienna, Austria, Dr. Klaus M. Stiefel is a biologist teaching at the Silliman University (Philippines) Institute for Environmental and Marine Sciences. Klaus is also an underwater photographer and videographer, popular science writer and technical diving instructor. His latest books, The Lives of Gobies is out now with Asian Geographic.
You can see Klaus’ underwater photos and videos on social media where he is active as Pacificklaus.

Aaron Wong [Singapore] Professional Photographer / Underwater Photographer
Aaron Wong is a professional underwater photographer with over two decades of field experience. He is the ADEX ambassador of photography, Seacam ambassador Scubapro Deep Elite, member of the Ocean Artists Society and the field editor of Scuba Diver Australasia.