#TekDiving101 Becoming a Better Tek Diver: Tips on Trimix & Rebreathers


Having a better understanding of diving and your limits is key to safe diving. What lessons have the experts faced, and what tips can you learn from them? Learn the knowledge about trimix and rebreathers right here and dive safely and comfortably! 

This is part of our upcoming #ADEXPixelExpo – 8 Monthly Global Webinar Series. This September, we focus on Dive Safety and Education. Read on to find out more!

Jeffrey Glenn


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Jeffrey Glenn is a TDI Instructor Trainer, RAID Instructor Trainer plus a PADI Course Director, and TecRec IT. Jeff has spent the last 2 decades working in Instructor Development in Asia’s diving hotspots. The last 10 years focusing mainly on conducting technical and cave diver programs plus technical diving instructor programs.

Jeff has been a CCR instructor for many years on several rebreathers but the rebreather of choice for him is the X-CCR. Jeff has traveled extensively and has gained experience diving in places like Indonesia, Mexico, Florida, and Sardinia.

For Jeff, Tek diving isn’t just about going deep, which is the misconception that many ill-informed people have. I’d argue that technical diving is about understanding diving a whole lot better, acquiring more skills, and negating the limitations of time, gas, and decompression that recreational diving gives you.

Jeff’s passion in diving is teaching but also extends to cave and wreck diving and has been involved in several global diving projects as well as being a support diver on a successful world record attempt for Deep CCR in Lombok, Indonesia. Jeff will be teaching in both Aust and NZ as well as his several dive centres in South East Asia he conducts advanced CCR / technical and cave training for.

Robin Cuesta


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Robin Cuesta is the only active Technical Cave Diving Instructor currently operating in Indonesia. He started exploring caves in Sulawesi three years ago and has never stopped since then. His passion had led him to unravel unexplored caves all over the country, from Sumatra to Papua passing by Java and Sulawesi. 

He recently opened the first “Rebreather, Technical and Full Cave Diving Training Center” in Indonesia, and helps to develop cave diving interest and education among the local community through the Indonesia Cave Diving Association.

Marc Crane

Marc started diving in 1991 in the waters off the south coast of England from where he hails, and since then has dived worldwide. Working as a divemaster during his gap year he has been a full-time scuba professional since 1995 (still on his gap year), he explored deep reef and wrecks and dives in the Egyptian Red Sea, Mexico, Mediterranean, Australia, East Africa, and is currently located in Bali, Indonesia. 

Moving to Indonesia in 2011 he has dived all over the archipelago, training and exploring, he has been involved in scientific research projects on marine megafauna and has located and explored new cave systems in Sulawesi. 

An avid deep reef and wreck diver, he started Tekdeep Asia which has its primary location on Bali from where he teaches throughout Indonesia and across the region. Marc is an Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor Trainer with TDI and SSI, and teaches the X-CCR up to and including advanced Trimix diver level.

Jimmy Choo


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Jimmy Choo started his diving career during his national service in the Naval diving Unit back in 1990. After he graduated from his basic diving course, he decided to join the Naval diving unit as a professional diver. In 1992 he was chosen to train with one of the toughest special Force unit in the world – the US Navy SEAL. During his service, he was called upon for one of the most massive underwater search and recovery tasking in 1997 – Silkair flight 185. During his service in the force, he has been chosen to work with different diving units worldwide. Jimmy is also an Instructor Trainer in the Naval Diving Unit and has been training both Naval Diver and Special Force diving team.

As for his recreational diving experience, Jimmy started with SSI as an instructor, and then he works his way up to SSI Technical Instructor Trainer. He didn’t stop to pursuit diving education and soon he became an instructor trainer at all levels with SSI, IANTD, TDI, RAID, and PSAI. Currently, as a diver he has more than 9000 logged dives under his belt and he is a GUE Tech 2, Cave 2, and a GUE Instructor. He has been teaching mostly GUE since he became a GUE Instructor. He is also a specialist in wreck diving.

Jimmy Choo chooses mainly to teach the GUE course is because he like the GUE system due to its holistic approach toward diving safety.

Jimmy always believes that “Diving isn’t a course or a lesson. It’s more than that: Diving is a method, a philosophy, a way of life”.

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