Diving in Komodo Island
Article extracted from Asian Diver Issue 01/2014 (130)

Text by Andrew Laughlin

Images by Jerome Monney

THE KOMODO NATIONAL PARK is a World Heritage site just 300 kilometres east of Bali in the Flores Sea. It consists of three large islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar. Because of its unique geology and as a result of volcanic activity, this makes for stunning scenery both above and below water.

The islands feature a dramatic wild savannah landscape with patches of forest, especially on the southern hills of Komodo and Rinca. White and reddish sandy beaches, blue lagoons teeming with fish and some of the most spectacular underwater sceneries in the world entice divers from around the world. The underwater topography is as varied as the marine life it protects. Dive sites vary from volcanic black sands at the spectacular Sangeang volcano, pinnacle diving at the famous Crystal and Castle Rocks, manta diving in the south at Manta Alley and amazing hard and soft corals at Cannibal Rock.

Diving in Komodo Island

Diversity is the true definition of Komodo and it is rare to find so much variation nowadays in one single zone. From the Flores Sea in the north, the clear, warm waters gradually become rich in plankton and very much cooler as you travel southwards towards the Indian Ocean. There are plenty of opportunities to find fauna ranging from pelagics to those rare critters and you are sure to find the marine life inspiring, if not mind-boggling.

Diving in Komodo Island

In addition to the fantastic diving, there are great chances to see some unique animals such as the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat, wild boar also run freely along the beaches and small herds of local deer.

Average temperature in Komodo is 27°C. A 5mm wetsuit is highly recommended for those venturing down South to Manta Alley and Cannibal Rock, and a hood is definitely recommended with water temperature dropping as low as 20°C.

Enjoy Komodo, it is one of the most special places on the plane.

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