In Conversation with David Strike: Shoptalk with Richard Nicholls


Take a walk with David Strike and Richard Nicholls, as they talk about anything and everything under the sun about diving.

This is part of our upcoming #ADEXPixelExpo – 8 Monthly Global Webinar Series. This September, we focus on Dive Safety and Education. Read on to find out more!

About Richard Nicholls 

Image from Dive Centre Manly

Originally from the UK, Richard emigrated to Australia in 1983 and became a golf pro, but kept diving as a hobby.  Richard accepted an offer to lead snorkeling and diving programs for guests aboard a cruise ship cruising the South Pacific. It was then that his career in diving flourished. Today, he is still working his dream job 25 years later.

A PADI Instructor since 1988, Richard has earned numerous PADI Instructor and Instructor Trainer ratings, including his PADI Course Director rating in 1995.  His passion for technical diving has made him a leading Technical Diving Instructor Trainer in Australia. He became one of the handful of pioneers who helped popularise the recreational use of Nitrox, SCR’s, and Technical Mixed gas diving in Australia in the early ’90s.

In addition to his Hollis Explorer and other rebreather qualifications, he plans to add instructor trainer credentials to his personal diving education and remain active with open-circuit technical and recreational diving programs.

Richard’s love of diving and underwater videography has taken him worldwide, with his favorite dive sites being Papua New Guinea for its reefs, and Truk Lagoon for its wrecks. Richard is the owner of Dive Centre Manly, and runs dives in and around Cabbage Tree Aquatic Reserve

Image by Geoff Jones

As a conservationist, Richard teaches dive students environmentally aware diving techniques with an emphasis on protecting the local aquatic reserve – Cabbage Tree Bay. He was a key driver in establishing Cabbage Tree Bay, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, as a No-Take Aquatic Reserve, a place described by both locals and visitors alike as being one of the world’s premier shore-diving sites.

His dive centre organises regular shore and underwater clean-ups throughout the year and strives to educate divers to take action to protect the ocean not only here in Sydney but throughout the world. Richard dives widely in Australia and counts Rowley Shoals (off Broome, WA) and SS Yongala (Townsville, QLD) as his favorite dive sites.

About David Strike

David Strike, born in the UK, grew up with diving and divers as his earliest memories. The stories his uncles told him, one of whom was a commercial diver and the other a Royal Navy diver, intrigue him to the point of turning into an ambitious diver. 

He formally began diving in 1961 and qualified as a Royal Navy diver two years later. His experiences in the Far East (’64-’65 and again in ’68-’69) gave him the opportunity to dive into many of the locations that would later become popular diving destinations.


A pioneer of Technical Diving in Australia, he was also one of the first to dive recreationally with Nitrox. It continues to be a passion that has defined his life. Since the first edition of ADEX in 2012, David has spearhead technical diving as a diving discipline and is ADEX Ambassador for Tek Diving,

Pioneer. David was also a former field editor for Asian Diver magazines. As of today, he and his wife live in Sydney, where they write extensively on diving, travel, and other relatedtopics. He has authored some impressive books, including “Dining with Divers: Tales from the Kitchen Table” in 2017!

Besides continuously contributing to diving publications, David also co-organises the international OZTeK Diving Technologies Conference, is a Fellow of the Explorers Club of New York, and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) in Singapore. 

In Conversation with David Strike

Beginning in 2020, David’s podcast focuses on bringing the best of tekdiving into ADEX. As our resident contributor, his conversations with the movers and shakers of the diving community will definitely strike you hard and make you want to listen more! 

David continues to connect closer to the diving community with his podcast series “In Conversation with David Strike” which can be found on ADEX Facebook, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Anchor

Hear the Conversation!

Dive store owner, former equipment wholesaler, and underwater videographer…. It isn’t easy but Richard has done it. Hear the conversation with David Strike and Richard Nicholls here:


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