Creative Underwater Photography with a Compact Camera: Enrico Somogyi


Seeing Enrico’s amazing photos of the creatures underwater, underwater photography seems like second nature to him. Enrico’s art consists of playing with light and establishing double exposures through the camera and different colours. He has won several awards in multiple competitions, most notably for his gift in altering techniques to capture the most beautiful creatures!

How he started

A small-town boy from Germany who works in the catering trade, Enrico Somogyi got into diving in 2008, and took his first camera on a dive in 2009. After seeing great underwater photographs taken by his dive guide in 2012 in Anilao, it inspired him to learn how to take underwater photographs. His photos improved year after year, and in 2015 he began experimenting with creative photography. In the past few years, he has also been very successful in various competitions, mostly with compact cameras. 

Juvenile Spanish dancer (double exposure in camera), Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

While collecting awards, his images provide new perspectives of the underwater environment, particularly in compact camera categories. Make no mistake, these images take time and patience to create, and the result is worth the effort!

Enrico’s work demonstrates that if you are willing to think outside the box and have time to experiment, it is possible to capture unique images that stand out from the crowd.

Slow shutter reef squid, Anilao, Philippines


Creative Underwater Photography with a Compact Camera

So, what is an underwater photographer to do in order to capture familiar subjects in a different way? For Enrico Somogyi, the answer lies in using a multitude of creative techniques to achieve unusual backgrounds and effects!

Water lily, Kirchbruch, Germany

It is obvious that Enrico doesn’t just use swirl effects and bubbly bokeh for his compositions. As well as employing motion blur, over-unders, and double (and sometimes triple) exposures, he also utilizes a variety of creative techniques inspired by pros such as Alex Mustard. As a result, we have a portfolio of remarkable and memorable images that show off many different skills.

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