Magic Resorts: the perfect destination for your diving holiday!

Magic Resorts has 2 different dive resorts on 2 different islands, offering you the possibility for some great island-hopping at the 2 top dive locations of the country. From the XXL Whale Shark to the XXS Pygmy Seahorse.  Both resorts are cozy, with only a limited number of detached native-style bungalows, but have everything you need on spot. From an incredible house reef and complete dive center, to a bar and spa/massage area for some relaxing time above the water.

Get the maximum out of one destination or double the fun by combining the 2 locations!

Location: Anda, Bohol
Cottages: 16 superior deluxe bungalows with aircon, private bathroom & balcony


Located in the quiet area of Bohol Island, you find the spacious, secluded dive resort Magic Oceans in Anda. With more than 25 different dive sites offering a great combination between muck diving, reefs, healthy coral gardens and walls, diving here is extensive and versatile. From many different critters and nudibranchs to big life, like a passing Whale Shark:  diving at Magic Oceans is suitable for every type of diver and underwater photographer.

The resort has 16 detached bungalows, a big pool, a man-made beach, a pier to easily get on one of the big Banka boats and a brand-new spa on location. The lush green area creates a relaxing ambiance.

Even though diving won’t bore you, Magic Oceans offers a lot of day trips as well for some adventurous activities or in-land sightseeing!

Location: Moalboal, Cebu
Cottages: 10 superior Deluxe cottages with aircon, private bathroom & balcony

Located in the popular destination Moalboal in Cebu, you find the small and cozy dive resort Magic Island. With only 10 detached cottages and an incredible house reef, this is the perfect spot for your dive vacation.

Walk from the dive center into the water, explore the 50-meter-deep wall inhabited by a big number of turtles hanging around, and watch the mating of the magnificent Mandarin Fish during sunset.

Let the experienced dive guides take you to more than 30 different dive sites and they will show you the smallest and most interesting creatures around Moalboal: explore the beauty of Pescador Island with its healthy corals and incredible marine life, like nudibranchs, frogfishes and Spanish Dancers and dive with over a million sardines at the Sardine Bait Ball.