Freediving Festival

The Freediving Pavilion will feature some of the most recognisable names in freediving such as Alexey Molchanov, Pepe Arcos, Dada Li and Jonathan Chong to name a few. They will talk about their love for the sport, their achievements in the field, perceptions of the sport – and, of course, inspire more potential recruits! Expect to see stunning photos and footage, hear details about the latest kit, new trends, and, as per a central theme of ADEX, important environmental messages relating to conservation.

More details about the Freediving Workshop to be out soon! Stay Tuned!

Experience diving for the first time with professional diving instructors at Adex. Learn the basics of scuba diving and begin your journey to the magical world beneath the waves. Head over to the Dive Tank at any of the timing stated below to register!

Tryout Details: Hall 402, Dive Tank
Friday – 11am | 5:40pm
Saturday – 10am | 11:20am | 2:20pm
Sunday – 10am | 4:40pm

*All participants should bring their own swimwear and towels

Let world and national-record holders Jonathan Chong from Singapore Freediving Academy, and Jean-Pol François & Suzanne Lim from Freediving Planet teach you the basics of Freediving at ADEX Freediving Tryouts! Immerse yourself in the competitive sport of freediving. Interested participants can head over to the respective booths or head over to the swimming pool during the respective timings to register.

Jonathan Chong (Singapore Freediving Academy)
Friday – 11am
Saturday – 2pm
Sunday – 12:40pm
Location:FD07, Singapore Freediving Academy

Jean-Pol Francois & Suzy Lim (Freediving Planet)
Friday – 1pm
Saturday – 4:40pm
Sunday – 10am
Location:FD02, Freediving Planet

*All participants should bring their own swimwear and towels

Immerse yourself in a silent world, disconnected from the outside. At the Freediving Zone, we challenge you to disconnect yourself from the buzz, take a deep breath, empty your mind, and listen to your heartbeat slow down as you immerse your face in the water. Participants who can hold their breath for 2 minutes 30 seconds and above will win a limited edition Freediving Planet signature necklace. Those who hold their breath for less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds will win a one-year free subscription to Asian Diver and Scuba Diver E-Magazines!

Register at the Freediving Planet booth (FD02) and stand a chance to win yourself amazing lucky draw prizes!

Be inspired by watching the professionals face off! International and national record-holding freedivers who will be present to show us how it’s done.

1300H – 1355H, Freediving Zone Stage
Watch as international record-holding freedivers such as Guillaume Nery, Andrea Zuccari, and Jessea Lu flag off the first day of the challenge!

How to take part
– Participants will be divided into groups of four
– Take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can with your face immersed in a glass bowl filled with water!
– Participants who holds his/her breath the longest within their group will walk away with attractive prizes!

If you’re interested but afraid to give it a go, do not worry! Tips and techniques will be given to you, and you might even set your very own personal best!

– A 2 min countdown will be given once everyone is in position
(we recommend you to take a deep breath at minus 10 seconds)
– Once the official “Go!” at zero is given, participants shall immerse their faces into the water within a 10 seconds window.

– Any participants whose faces are NOT immersed within the 10 seconds window will be disqualified

Participants who hold their breath for more than 2:30min:
– 1 x Freediving Planet Limited Edition Signature Necklace

Participant who hold their breath for less than 2:30min:
– 1-year Free E-Magazine Subscription to Asian Diver and Scuba Diver Magazine!

Lucky Draw
– 10% off on Orca Freedive e-shop : for all participants who register up with their email address on the spot.
-a $300USD voucher from Orca Freedive