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In 2018 ADEX will be 24 and we plan to make this the best and most comprehensive show yet. 2018 will be the biggest show yet with almost 10,000 squaremeters of floor space. ADEX will continue in bringing together the very best of the diving community from Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world. It will showcase the industry’s most important diving equipment manufacturers, retailers, training agency and dive destination. It will also feature workshops and presentation from the world’s most famous photographers, ocean artists, marine conservations, Scientist, Tek divers, Free divers and more with hands-on educational activities for children of all ages.

APRIL 12-14, 2019 – Suntec Singapore

We will honour businesses that are committed to eco-friendly practices, and we will recognise those speakers – scientists and activists – who work tirelessly to counter the flood of plastic that threatens to engulf our oceans. At ADEX, we are determined to do our bit and spread a message of action. In keeping with that focus, we are initiating a campaign – For A Plastic-Free Future – where we will be organising beach clean-ups as well as a variety of other events throughout the whole year.

APRIL 17-19, 2020 – Suntec Singapore

2020 is a particularly special year, as it will be ADEX’s 25th anniversary! In recognition of this enduring dive expo – now Asia’s largest and most comprehensive – 2020 will be a silver jubilee celebration. We will celebrate this milestone by reflecting on our 25 years of bringing the dive community together: growing and nurturing it, recognising the talents of individuals and businesses, providing a platform for various causes, ideas, equipment and gadgets, and making a positive impact.

event highlights
  • Photo-Video Seminar
  • Freedive Workshops
  • Activity/Kids Zone
  • Technical Diving Conference
  • BlueGreen360 Awards
  • Scuba360 Business Forum
  • Book Festival
  • Ocean17 Festival
  • Big Blue Evening
  • Mermaid Performance
  • Voice of the Ocean

APRIL 6-8, 2018, Suntec Singapore

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ADEX over the past 4 years
the statistics
ADEX 2014
Dedicated to Coral Reefs
ADEX 2015
Dedicated to Dolphins
ADEX 2016
Dedicated to Seahorses
ADEX 2017
Confronting Climate Change
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more than just a dive show

In previous events, each show has been dedicated to an iconic marine species, with activities designed to heighten conservation awareness. However, ADEX 2017 mixed things up a bit. The pressing threat of rising sea levels and the drastic effects on the oceans and marine life caused by our carelessness, prompted this ADEX to be dedicated to climate change.

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