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First world nations to third world countries. We are facing the same environmental global epidemy – plastic pollution. Plastic, a product that is designed to be effectively convenient, durable, light and versatile, this 111-year-old invention, unfortunately, takes up to 400 years to disintegrate, decompose and have eventually affected the lives of both people and living creatures for the next 16 generations to come.

The excessive and irresponsible consumption of plastics is impacting ocean health and biodiversity. Some research has reported that by 2050, there could be more plastics in the ocean than fish if our current consumption habits are unchanged*.

8,000,000 tons of plastics are dumped in the ocean each year. China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam are reported as countries dumping the most plastic waste than any other region in the world from its shared river systems and waterways as the conduits of this problem**. In Singapore, we consume about 1.76 billion kilogrammes of plastic items a year of plastic waste is discarded every year but less than 20% of plastics are being recycled! *** But, these nations have since then implemented changes through the policies to curb this-worldly plastic pollution issue.

Chartering its milestone while celebrating its 25th anniversary, the ADEX Ocean Vision initiative was launched at the ADEX2019 edition together with a congregation of esteemed ‘Friends of ADEX’! Grasping on the opportunity in raising awareness on the polluting impacts of plastic packaging by taking a pledge to the refusal, reuse, reduce and recycle of single-use plastic products at the ADEX exhibition hall.

Encouraging attendees and visitors to SAY ‘NO’ SINGLE-USE ITEMS @ ADEX ASIA DIVE EXPO Series of Shows, here are some of the key takeaways reverberated all around:

  • REFUSE disposable plastic whenever and wherever possible. Choose items that are not packaged in plastic, and carry your own bags, containers and utensils. Say ‘no straw, please.’
  • REUSE durable, non-toxic straws, utensils, to-go containers, bottles, bags, and other everyday items. Choose glass, paper, stainless steel, wood, ceramic and bamboo over plastic.
  • REDUCE your plastic footprint. Cut down on your consumption of goods that contain excessive plastic packaging and parts. If it will leave behind plastic trash, don’t buy it.
  • RECYCLE what you can’t refuse, reduce or reuse. Pay attention to the entire life cycle of items you bring into your life, from source to manufacturing to distribution to disposal.

Say NO to Plastic bags, Plastic straws, Disposable cutleries (includes cups, fork and spoons), Single-use polyethene terephthalate (PET) bottles (includes mineral water bottles)


ADEX Asia Dive Expo aims to be the #first dive show to move towards a single-use, plastic-free expo from ADEX 2019 onwards and the benchmark for this year is the banning of PET bottles on ADEX Singapore 2019 grounds – which means no entry to the mineral water plastic bottles!

ADEX and its series of shows around the world aim to take on a journey to be completely free of single-use plastic by the year 2030! We call upon all Friends of ADEX (visitors, exhibitors, delegates) to make this happen!

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#oceancitizen/ˈəʊʃ(ə)n/ ˈsɪtɪz(ə)n/ m noun

Being an Ocean Citizen, I’m committed to the international solidarity built around the sustainable management of the ocean. I pledge to adopt sustainable habits – to say no to single-use plastics – to preserve the health of the ocean so that future generations will continue to benefit from the resources it provides. I’m committed to the ongoing mission of ADEX to love and protect the ocean.

ADEX Ambassadors Fronting the Ocean Citizen Initiatives


Denise Keller, Singapore
ADEX Ambassador for Ocean Citizen 2019

Denise was honoured to be the first ADEX Ambassador in 1994. She is currently part of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources campaign for sustainability. As a travel host, she is best known for her work on MTV, TLC and Discovery. She won the Best Presenter trophy at the Asian Television Awards for her work on the Passage Series. She was also part of the Climate Reality Project with Al Gore’s global education initiative.



Aaron Wong, Singapore
ADEX Ambassador for Photography & Ocean Citizen 2019

Aaron Wong is one of the most published and recognised underwater photographers in Asia. With almost 2 decades of field experience, Aaron’s images and his trademark lighting techniques have won him acclaim the world over. A Nikon, Seacam and Scubapro Elite ambassador and member of the Ocean Artists Society, Aaron’s images have graced the pages of dive publication the world over. He also serves as the field editor for ScubaDiver and the official ADEX Ambassador of Photography (International).



Hidy Yu, Hong Kong
ADEX Ambassador for Marine Conservation 2019

Hidy started modelling at the young age of 18 and was the 2011 Miss Scuba International Ambassador. She is a dive instructor qualified by NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) and also the Naui Worldwide Ambassador. Hidy has participated in three action movies Kick Ass Girls, Special Female Force (in production). Her hobbies include ultra trail, boxing, running, hiking, yoga, travelling, eating, movies and diving!



Eric Tsang, Hong Kong
ADEX China for Ocean Ambassador 2019

Born in Hong Kong, film director, actor and member of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference, Eric Tsang has won many awards in his performing arts career and enjoys a high reputation within the industry. At the same time, he is actively committed to many large-scale fundraising activities and the establishment of charity and public welfare undertakings. Using his credibility as an artiste, Eric has silently supported a number of welfare projects in practical ways, bringing happiness and joy to everyone. Mr Eric Tsang believes, “Now the earth is sick. The sea strives to maintain all life on Earth. It is our unshirkable duty to protect it. I will do my best to promote the development of marine environmental protection and make the Earth better!”


Anais Martane, China/France
ADEX China Ocean Ambassador 2019

Anais is living in China for 18 years, after being a documentary photographer for the foreign press, she worked in film co-production between France and China for several years. After marrying actor Liuye she opened an art school based on French teaching, and start to produce audio and music content. With her renown, she has participated in several TV shows including “Baba qu naer”. She has started to walk on stage as a singer with the band “River”(Xiao He, Wan Xiaoli, Zhang Weiwei) and is the female lead actress in the acclaimed theatrical and musical play “Ghetto” currently on tour in China.


Jing Chao, China
ADEX China Marine Public Welfare 2019

Jing Chao is an actor in China. With his dashing good looks and top-notch acting skills, Jing Chao has delivered outstanding performances in his film and television roles. When he is not actively working on his craft, Jing Chao pursues his interest in water sports such as yachting and diving. Having fallen in love with the ocean since he was young, he has always been curious about the mysterious power of the ocean to integrate and neutralise negative energy. However, in the face of worsening global marine pollution, all of us need to stand up to not only care for our oceans but to actively protect our blue oceans.


Mei Ting, China
ADEX China Marine Public Welfare 2019

One of the most well-respected character actors in China, Mei Ting has created many unique and memorable characters on the silver screen. Lauded by her peers and audiences worldwide for her impeccable acting skills, Mei Ting also dedicates her free time to do her bit for charity. Mei Ting elaborated on her passion, “Charity is not just about making material contributions, it is a way of life. Even with its boundless borders, plastic pollution has contaminated every corner of the ocean around the world, seriously threatening the health of marine creatures and birds which depend on the ocean for food. Join me now as we care for the ocean and the environment to bring about a plastic-free ocean and say no to single-use plastics!”


Kelvin Tan, China
ADEX China Marine Public Welfare 2019

A top male actor in China, Tan Kai was born in Qingdao, one of China’s most picturesque cities. Tan graduated from The Central Academy of Drama in China in 1996, gifted in the arts and liberal arts since young, Tan moved into film and TV production at 30, morphing into a well-known designer into an award-winning actor in film and television festivals worldwide. He is passionate about giving back and protecting the environment – seeing it as his natural duty. As he grew up near the sea, Tan has an intense love for the ocean.


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*Reported by the executive director, Lise Kingo, of the United Nations Global Compact in the latest release. ** Source from *** Reported by . S0urce from Singapore Environment Council (SEC).