~ Professional Mermaid Pioneer since 2004

~ Ocean Conservationist

~ Creative

~ Innovator of the world’s first Mermaid Fin 2006

~ Trailblazer of ‘Mermaid’ as a functional watersport lifestyle

Mahina Mermaid is one of the leading pioneers of the mermaid industry. Trail blazing the professional career of mermaiding, in 2004 Mahina, became one of the first Real Life Professional Mermaids in the world. Mahina is highly sought after for film, TV, advertising commercials, music videos, commercial, photographic and environmental campaigns.

As a result of her passion to share the experience of mermaiding with the world, and to inspire a culture of connection and care with our natural water environments, In early 2006, Mahina went on to innovate and design the world’s very first functional mermaid fin. The famous, multi award winning MerFin is regarded the most functional, highest performing & safest mermaid fin available on the market today.

A passionate and focused craftswoman, Mahina ensured her MerFin would gift others an authentic feeling of swimming with a sense of fluidity, freedom and connection with oneself when entering the water. Encouraging a spirit of care and responsibility towards our ocean, MerFin’s became the worlds first eco-friendly/ recycled rubber fin ever produced.

A true water woman, Mahina was pulled by her desire to bring more women into the water and to contribute to the growth of women’s watersports by innovating a staple, efficient, quality and safe piece of water equipment that would last well into the future.

Early on in her design faze, Mahina’s focus shifted away from creating full leg enclosed mermaid tail costumes and instead became about reshaping the way women and girls connect with the water; Today her unique, functional and elegantly beautiful expression of the MerFin has become a global trend throughout surf, lifestyle, sport and swim fashion culture.

Mahina articulates and names the difference between ‘mermaiding’ as an underwater performance art in a full tail costume; and what her mission remains to be; developing ‘Mermaid’ into becoming a functional, practical, accessible women’s water sport culture, and an activity for holistic and wellbeing lifestyle.

For Mahina, ‘Mermaiding’ is a playful meditation; a deep reconnection to our natural living world. Sharing this enriching water device and activity with others has been her calling, and a way to inspire greater awareness of our human role in caring for our oceans and advocating for the preservation of marine life and reducing marine debris.

Mahina’s mission remains to continue to spread the message of what it means to have a true mermaid heart … one who is attuned to her environment, creates beautiful waves in the world and is an integral steward of the sea..