#APE #Throwback Conversation of the Day: The Untold Folktale of Mermaiding


Join @Patricia Furtado de Mendonça, founder of Acqua Mater, together with a panel of mermaiding advocator. Let’s revisit the dialogue between these mermaiders.

Patricia Furtado de Medonca, #Brazil
Alan Lam, #HongKong
Yuki Wong, #HongKong
Herman Calis, #Germany
Sherin Tang, #GreaterChina
Syrena- Singapore’s First Mermaid, #Singapore
Nicholas Tan, #Malaysia
Yee Hui, #Singapore
Pia, #Indonesia

Mermaid, an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish, has appeared in children’s books, cartoons, and documentaries. This ethereal-looking creature and a vision of beauty have fascinated both adults and children! Does it even exist or just a fragment of a fisherman’s imagination? Folktale, Myths, or Real? Till today, there are no concrete scientific findings of its actual existence.

With fascination and a beautiful message that it carries, mermaid competitions have been sprouting around the world spreading the words of ocean conservation and love towards all marine life. Thus, leading to an increased popularity in both female and male in signing up for courses with the various mermaiding schools and institutions.

ADEX has been a massive supporter of this underwater discipline and has been providing the platform for mermaiding to showcase their skills in the form of show and tell and performances in the Asia Dive Expo shows.

ADEX Pixel Virtual Expo convenes these mythical creatures, practitioners, and educators to share their vision and mission of being a mermaid. The panel will address how does one become a professional mermaid, the pieces of training involved in executing those elegant maneuvers underwater while holding their breath!