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  • – FREE entry to any ADEX shows (India, Beijing and Singapore) if you wear the tshirt.
  • – 3 ADEX Entry Tickets (India, Beijing and Singapore) worth SGD30
  • SGD8 will be going to Ocean Citizen Campaign

*Stocks will be available 1st of April.
*For pick-up, please visit the ticketing counter during the ADEX Singapore 2019

#oceancitizen /????(?)n/ ?s?t?z(?)n/
noun Being an Ocean Citizen, I?m committed to the international solidarity built around the sustainable manangement of the ocean. I pledge to adopt sustainable habits ? to say no to single-use plastics ? to preserve the health of the ocean so that future generations will continue to benefit from the resources it provides. I?m committed to the ongoing mission of ADEX to love and protect the ocean.

Click here to pledge for Ocean Citizen

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