Connecting the global dive industry, blue economy sectors and its community, ADEX Pixel Virtual Expo brings together industry key players, NGOs/NPOs, social enterprises, speakers, exhibitors, and visitors on ONE platform that offers podcast series, webinars, an expansive marketplace, community forums, a stunning image gallery showcasing 2,021 underwater images from all over the world, and more exciting elements – all in the comforts of your own home, 24/7!

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Dive Communities, Dive Professionals, Dive Industry Players, Dive Industry Speakers, Technical Divers, Cave Divers, Freedivers, Underwater Sportsperson, Mermaids, Underwater Photographers, Videographers and Filmmakers, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), Dive Media, Aspiring Divers, Ocean Citizens and Lovers

Calling All Digital Exhibitors! Book your space now and feature your brand at a global stage. ADEX Pixel Virtual Expo! ADEX Pixel Virtual Expo will feature “NEW & FRESH” monthly contents from the world’s best dive influencers, thought leaders, speakers, industry players, and digital exhibitors through the 4 STAGES available:

    Ocean360 (Main Zone)
  • Scuba360 (Centre Zone)
  • Pixel101 (Zone 101)
  • Global Pavillion (Blue Zone)
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