INDONESIAN CARE: Indonesian Diving Industry Outlook 2021 And Beyond

Time: 8:00pm(GMT +8)

1) Prita Laura (Indonesia) Communication Strategist

1) Dr Frans Teguh, MA. (Indonesia) Senior Expert on Sustainable. Development & Conservation, Ministry of Tourism & Creativity Economy of The Republic of Indonesia

2) Abi Carnadie (Indonesia) Ministry if Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia Drafting Team Covid 19 Health Protocols For Recreational Diving

3) Swietenia Puspa Lestari (Indonesia) Executive Director, Divers Clean Action

Plastic Eco-Warriors

Time: 8am(GMT +8)
Session: 50 mins

Moderator: Maya Karin, Actress & Environmentalist

Zero Waste Malaysia members
Sue Yee Khor, Co-Founder & Vice-President
Marylyn, Head of Project & Engagement
Gedeon, Team lead of People Team

Film feature: Shark Stewards - Sharks in Coral Triangle & Alice in Borneo

Time: 9am(GMT+8)
Session: 50 mins

David McGuire

Next-Gen Leaders with a Global Mindset

Time: 10am(GMT+8)
Session: 80 mins

Moderator: Luciana Verastegui (Mexico)

Kisha Rodriguez (Philippines)
Danielle Aira Savellano (Philippines)
Ana Hanhausen (Mexico)
Harrison Ashangwa (Cameroon)

Marine Conservation Research by the Universities in Asia

Time: 12pm(GMT+8)
Session: 80 mins

Nora Ismail (Singapore)

– Lala Calle (Philippines) – Giant Clams
– Reza Cordova (Indonesia) – Marine Pollution & Fisheries
– Samuel Chan (Singapore) – Coral Reefs Monitoring
– Rabitha Daud (Malaysia) – Current Circulation
– Suneha Jaganathan (India) – Artificial Reefs

Arts for the Oceans

Arts for the Oceans
Youth Activism for Nature in the Time of Mass Extinction

Session: 50 mins

AG Sano (Philippines)

Is an environmentalist. wildlife photographer and street artist who has been involved in marine conservation for the past 21 years. He is also globally renowned for his activism and community engagements. He has painted more than 700 murals in 16 countries depicting peace and nature. He is also known as the dolphin guy.

Plastic Waste: an inconvenient truth for South-East Asia region – what would work for us?

Time: 15:00pm(GMT+8)
Session: 110 mins

Moderator: Dr. S. Sri Umeswara, Expert Consultant on Circular Economy, Era Suria Ecopreneurs Pt Limited

– Ms. Youna Lyons, Senior Research Fellow with the Ocean Law and Policy Programme of the Centre for International Law (CIL), National University of Singapore
– Ms. Janet Salem, Economic Affairs Officer, Sustainable Urban Development Section, Environment and Development Division, ESCAP, Bangkok
– Ms Jacqueline Chang, Country Representative, Circular Economy Club, Malaysia
– Ms. Czarina Constantino, National Lead (No Plastics in Nature Initiative), and Project Manager, Plastic Smart Cities, WWF Philippines
– Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy, Practice lead of Plastic programme, WWF Vietnam
– Ms Kirana Agustina, Policy Specialist For Global Plastic Action Partnership, WRI Indonesia
– Dr. Shima Barakat, University of Cambridge

Environmental 360/vr Filmmaker

Time: 17:00pm(GMT +8)

Jack Henry Adams

My Voice Matters


Moderator: Amelia Lim (ADEX PIXEL Host)

Suggested Panel:

Swietenia Puspa Lestari (Divers Clean Action)
Sandra Teoh Zhi Yi (Head of Marine, WWF-Malaysia)
Crystle Wee (Marin Biologist)
Scott Nguyen (Journey of Youth – JOY)
Mogesh Sababathy (Co-Founder of Project Ocean Hope and the Chapter Leader for Sustainable Ocean Alliance Malaysia)

We Are The World

Time: 1920(GMT+8)

– Anais Martane

Indispensable Strength Towards Marine Conservation

Time: 2000(GMT+8)

– Zhao Xinliang
– Song Shuang
– Zhu Yi
– Chen Rong
– Shu Peng
– Zhang Weiyi

Below with David Doubilet & Jennifer Hayes

Time: 2100(GMT+8)

David Doubilet
Jennifer Hayes

Extreme Wildlife Cinematography

Time: 2300 (GMT+8)

Michael Maes