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Ma Zhiyu, a host, singer-songwriter, film and television actor, has been known as China’s chief wedding officiant by China Central Television (CCTV), a national TV and many stars amongst others.

The singer-songwriter compiled China’s first wedding song album and wrote many songs for Wu Qixian, Jiang Yuheng and Zhang Yishan.

Ma Zhiyu enjoys swimming and diving. He always believed that life should revolve around the protection of marine lives, its ecology and we should all be the guardians of the ocean.

马智宇——主持人、创作歌手、影视演员,被央视、全国卫视及众多明星美誉为中国首席婚礼司仪,中国第一张婚礼歌曲专辑唱作人,为巫启贤、姜育恒、张一山等创作多首歌曲。马智宇喜欢游泳、潜水 ,他呼吁从生活点滴做起,保护海洋生态 ,救护海洋生物,做自然的守护者 。

Achievements Through The Years

Participated in the recording of the all-comprehensive literature and art special column “Chinese literature and art” of CCTV Chinese international channel, and performed the sketch “so emcee”

Fu Qiang, Lu Haitao and Bai Xue jointly performed the 2017 golden autumn cross-talk Gala “so MC”, in which they played as a wedding emcee

Yang Ziyi and he jointly sang the song “Beautiful China Dream” in the variety show “Avenue of Stars”.

On August 11, he attended the large variety show “Variety Festival” launched by CCTV-3, singing the song “The Most Loved One in Life”

Participated in CCTV-3’s large-scale interactive game program “Happy Bill” and sang the song “Beautiful Chinese Dream”.

On September 16, he participated in CCTV-3’s acrobatic program “I Love All The Colours” and performed the crosstalk drama “Such A Wedding” with Li Mingyu and Sudan.

In December, he took part in recording China Music TV, a large daily music program of CCTV-15, and sang the song beautiful China dream

He participated in the large-scale educational game variety show “Open The Door, Good Luck” launched by CCTV-3

Released his first wedding song album “Marriage”

Participated in the recording of the CCTV3 educational variety show “Happy Dictionary”

Participated in the “China Music TV” program, sponsored by CCTV MV, and was shortlisted as one of the 50 from the “2006 Top 10 New Singers Selection”

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