Dive into the world of underwater photography at ADEX Shenzhen 2023!
Introducing an Underwater Photo Competition ADEX Shenzhen Dive Festival 2023. This is an open invitation for photographers, both amateurs and professionals, to express their passion for marine beauty through their lenses.
From drone to macro, wide-angle to silhouette, night dive shots to over-under views – all lenses and techniques are celebrated in this underwater photo competition.


John Thet


Wang Xiaoyong


Enter now:

ADEX Shenzhen Underwater Photo Competition


  • Photos with watermarks will not be accepted.
  • Each image can only be submitted into ONE category.
  • Submissions with incomplete payments will not be accepted.
  • Resolution: Minimum 300 DPI or higher
  • Format: JPEG, JPG or GIF format with high-quality compression
  • Dimensions: Upload photographs with the original pixel size.
  • Entrants are solely responsible for their entries. Decisions of the organiser are final and binding.

Maximum file size: 516MB