Mermaid Registration

Timeless and beautiful, mermaids are a mythical dream come true. Live a life of fantasy and reality with your mermaid fins and unlock a mystical dimension underwater. Popularly featured in cartoons and fantasy films, mermaids have been awed for their enchanting aura for thousands of years.

ADEX welcomes passionate mermaids and even those keen to explore the world of mermaiding to our ADEX Dive Tank in March 2023.

The mermaid performances in the dive tank and the mermaid pool after party is always a major part of ADEX. With beautiful performers each year, this is a show which elevates mermaid schools across Asia and allows mermaids and mermen to bring their best to audiences.

Mermaiding culture has ballooned drastically and has attracted both children and adults. The art of mermaiding overlaps freediving principles but ensures a comfortable, confident, and enjoyable experience underwater. Showcase your one-of-a-kind talent at one of the biggest ADEX highlights.