Speaker Registration

ADEX’s Sustainable stage welcomes panel discussions and talks covering our blue economy.

The term ‘blue economy’ itself relates to the exploitation, preservation and regeneration of the marine environment.

At ADEX, our focus is on the discussion of how the ocean can be better protected so as to not be exploited for industries reliant on its resources, beauty and wonder and instead pay attention to critically analysing how businesses can better operate.

As we talk about our green economy and ‘greening’ our planet, it is time we take these same concerns to our water and our blue economy. If you agree, this is the segment at ADEX best suited to you and which you should involve yourself in!

If you have a particular resort, liveaboard or company involved in the blue economy and heavily imbedded on making an income from the big blue, this opportunity could be an interesting one to discuss benefits and challenges you face and what can be done to make these better for your business’ financial health and the health of the wider ocean environment.