About ADEX

Since its inception with the first edition in 1995, ADEX has been the largest, and the longest-running dive expo in Asia, thus becoming one of the “must-attend” events in the industry. Since its handover to the Underwater360 (UW360) group in late 2009, ADEX has seen significant growth and expansion in size and variety in its Singapore, China and its recent addition, India.

An established trade-show and a trusted name in the industry, ADEX has since evolved, edition to edition, and further positioned itself to be “more than just a dive show”; opening its doors to welcome divers, non-divers, families and students with its specially curated programmes and festivities to grow beyond its current community. The show serves as an invigorating platform for the diving community – giving them a voice and providing a space they can meet, foster relationships, exchange ideas, and receive recognition for their achievements.

Every year, ADEX focuses on a theme dedicated to an endangered marine species with the aim of raising an awareness of the threats these marine species face and encounter.This has transformed the show into the “go to” platform to heighten conservation awareness. Dedicated to a different species each year, visitors are always treated to fresh and exciting content delivered by industry leaders and experts. The event is proudly endorsed by major organisations in the industry such as the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA), Singapore Tourism Board (STB), and the China Underwater Association (CUA). It has also been appointed as the “Sustainable Ocean Ambassador” by the Agricultural and Food Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific (AFMA) – the inter-government non-profit organization in association with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

More than just a dive show

Celebrated for more than two decades in Asia since its inception in 1995, the 25th edition of Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) – the largest, and the longest-running dive show in Asia – is driven and organized by the Underwater360 group.

It is my personal belief that everyone can do their part in helping to protect our planet. Regardless of how one chooses to look at it – we are all, inextricably connected to our oceans; from heroes that would champion a cause and go that extra mile; campaigners who would fight their entire lives to save marine species, to the divers who would seek refuge in the big blue.

Continuing my mission to liberate the inner diver, that I believe is enclaved and hidden away in just about anyone and everyone, I aim to learn with, lead, and inspire the coming generations of divers to look below the waves and change the way they – and the world – view our oceans.

Hence, I strive to support this industry impeccably, through the navigation of the Underwater360 group, work tirelessly to inspire and encourage people to explore the beauty beneath the waves and fight to sustain an ocean that we can all enjoy.

ADEX Vision 2020

The enormity of the Earth’s plastic pollution problem and its global repercussions are so wide-ranging that for the first time ever, ADEX will continue to tackle this epoch-changing problem with a second edition of ADEX Dedicated to a Plastic-Free Ocean in 2020 as ADEX celebrates its 26th anniversary. In addition, the Ocean Partnership Summit (OPS) – announced this year – will commence in 2020. With an array of scientific experts and government officials from all over the world participating in the Ocean Partnership Summit, we hope to come up with more global solutions that will help propel us closer to a plastic-free future.

John Thet

Learn. Lead. Inspire

Being the pioneer of unique and curated ideas, ADEX hopes to educate the public with messages of conservation and fuel their love for the ocean. We hope to influence everyone to become leaders in their own faculties, inspiring many to take a step towards marine conservation.

Entertain. Educate. Engage

ADEX strives to ensure our visitors are not only entertained, but also educated through the plethora of activities and programmes curated for the show. We hope that everyone who attends will be engaged emotionally, mentally, and even physically through activities such as the ‘try dives’ and ‘pool sessions’.


ADEX brings together the diving and ocean conservation communities into one platform that enables like-minded individuals to learn, participate and advocate a similar cause through knowledge-sharing sessions and activities that is beneficial for the growth of the diving industry.

Our Audience

Alongside the trade exhibition platform represented by diverse trade and business stakeholders such as dive operators, equipment manufacturers, and national tourism boards, ADEX congregates distinguished VIPs and thought-leaders and speakers from across the globe. These include scientists, marine conservationists, underwater photographers and videographers. ADEX also provides a space for communities within the diving industry to meet, network, share stories and exchange ideas. From the existing pool of divers, ADEX endeavours to inspire non-divers or underwater aspirers to plunge into the diving world. Through curated programmes such as “try-dives” and inspirational industry figures, we hope to raise a new generation of divers and grow the diving community around the world.


ADEX provides a neutral space for practitioners, technology experts, major industry players, traders and distributors in the diving industry to meet, collaborate and create partnerships, thereby making ADEX the gateway to the industry. ADEX has become an instrumental platform in growing and supporting the diving industry.