#Tekdiving101 Becoming a Better Tek Diver: Tips on Cave Diving


Becoming a Better Tek Diver: Tips on Cave Diving

Panellists :
Cristina Zenato [Bahamas] Member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, Ocean and Cave Explorer, Educator and Conservationist Cristina Zenato

John Kendall [UK] GUE Instructor Evaluator and Training Council Member, GUE Tech & Cave Instructor, Fellow of The Explorers Club of New York

Dr Richard Harris [Australia] Anaesthetist, Cave Diver, Recipient of Star of Courage, the Order of Australia Medal (OAM), the 2019 Explorers Club President’s Medal for Heroism, the 2018 PADI Medal of Valour, Co-Recipient of Australian Of The Year 2019

Will Goodman [Indonesia] TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer, Advanced Mixed-Gas CCR instructor, Cave and Wreck Diver, Owner of Black Water Tek, Motivational Speaker
Por Parasu Komaradat [Thailand] Cave & Technical Diving Instructor, Project Jaya & IANTD Por Parasu Komaradat – Dive Instructor

Alex Santos [Philippines] Founder and CEO of Philippine Technical Diver – PHILTECH, IANTD Cave Instructor, Commercial Diver & Member of the Filipino Cave Divers Alex Santos Filipino Cave Divers