OceanHeroes Protecting our Oceans Together


OceanHeroes Protecting our Oceans Together
In Celebration of Our Singapore Waters



Sam Shu Qin [Singapore] Co-Founder, Our Singapore Reefs
Sam is an avid diver, coral scientist and educator. With the main intention to raise awareness about marine debris, She co-founded Our Singapore Reefs to connect like-minded marine enthusiasts through diving and educational outreach programmes. With her training in science communication, she hopes to increase public knowledge, inspire marine stewardship and promote discussions in marine science and conservation through various public engagement activities.

Debby Ng [Singapore] Founder of The Hantu Blog – Bringing Clarity to Singapore Waters
Debby Ng is an ecologist, photojournalist, and National Geographic Explorer. She is the founder of pulauhantu.sg – a volunteer organisation that collaborates with public stakeholders and government agencies to save coral reefs in Singapore through education and ecotourism. Through their blog, guided dive tours and free talks at schools, corporate events and public festivals, pulauhantu.sg has made Singapore reefs accessible to thousands of divers and non-divers since 2003. Debby received her BSc (Hons) from the University of Tasmania (Australia) and Dip. Mass Communications from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. She studied Wildlife Disease Ecology at Colorado State University (USA), and is a Duke University Global Fellow in Conservation Biology and Policy (USA).

Dr. Jani Tanzil [Singapore] Senior Research Fellow, St. John’s Island National Marine Laboratory
Dr. Jani Tanzil is a marine ecologist with the Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore. She is also one of the resident scientists working at St. John’s Island National Marine Laboratory. Dr Tanzil started scuba diving in 2002 and has been actively exploring the coral reefs of Singapore and the region for work and leisure ever since. Her current research involves examining the bands in the skeletons of corals (similar to tree “rings”) to reconstruct past environment conditions, and growth rates of corals around Southeast Asia. With her work, Dr Tanzil hopes to better understand coral responses to climate change and other environmental disturbances.

Kelly Tan [Singapore] NParks National Parks Board, Coastal Management
Kelly is a graduate of the Masters of Environmental Management, a marine intertidal guide and has volunteered for turtles hatcheries overseas. She is currently the manager of biodiversity in the Coastal and Marine branch in National Parks Board. She manages the Marine Park, and is directly involved in the coral husbandry work on St John’s Island, and manages the turtle hatchery in Small Sister’s Island. She also spearheads local marine conservation education and outreach efforts, using her work experience to inspire the next generation, and the general public to love and appreciate nature.