Becoming a Better Tek Diver: Tips on Ice Diving


Becoming a Better Tek Diver: Tips on Ice Diving

Gerald Nowak [Germany] Ice-Wreck-Cave Diver, Award-winning Underwater Photographer, Instructor Trainer at CMAS Germany (FST), Instructor at Scuba School International (SSI) // Gerald Nowak

Josh Thornton [USA] President at Subgravity and Director of Training at Dive Addicts Subgravity

Sergey Gorpinyuk [Russia] IANTD, CMAS Instructor Trainer-Trainer (Advanced Nitrox), Instructor Trainer (Trimix, Technical Cave, eCCR Inspiration, Trimix Gas Blender, Technical Wreck) Freediver, Certified Equipment Maintenance Technician: Aqualung, Equipment development and production: Smart five

Evgeny Poluhin [Russia] Course Director of NDL, Former Officer Combat Divers of the Russian Navy, Rebreather Instructor, Cave Diver, Organiser of the Ice Diving Competition, Co-Founder of the Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center

Ahmed Gabr [Egypt] Guinness World Record Holder for the Deepest Scuba Dive (332.35m),
ADEX Ambassador for Technical Diving and Co-Founder of if