WOW! ADEX Pixel Expo in conjunction with World Ocean Week


World Oceans Day is held every year on June 8 to raise awareness of the vital importance of our oceans and the role they play in sustaining a healthy planet. A global celebration, it looks to bring people and organisations together across the globe in a series of events highlighting how we can all help protect the oceans.

This global celebration recognises the importance of preserving healthy oceans. ADEX Pixel Expo will celebrate World Oceans Week (WOW) from June 8, 2020, to June 12, 2020, focussing attention on the scourge of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Here is a glimpse of what’s to come:

Monday, June 8 – World Oceans Day
Theme: Industry Reports, Initiatives, and Programmes

Tuesday, June 9 – The Coral-Triangle Day
Theme: Coral Conservation

Wednesday, June 10
Theme: Ocean Innovative Solution & Ocean Financing (Blue Bonds)

Thursday, June 11
Theme: Youth Ocean Defenders

Friday, June 12
Theme: Education

Don’t miss out on this exciting week, we promise a plethora of intriguing discussions and gripping talks – See you there!