Underwater Photography with Mathieu Meur


Digital photography is something that surrounds your life. A true pioneer of digital photography, Mathieu Meur is one name you cannot miss.

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Mathieu Meur has been shooting underwater for over 25 years – first as a freediver, and then moving into scuba. He was among the first to adopt and promote digital technology in underwater photography, authoring the first PADI-approved digital underwater photography specialty course in the world in 2001. 

This talented underwater photographer — who shoots both wide-angle and macro — has dived in many of the world’s most renowned dive spots.

How it started

Unlike others, Mathieu began shooting underwater first before going into diving. His first images were captured on his waterproof disposable film camera while free-diving. Mathieu’s first real underwater camera was a Nikonos IV, and what set him apart was his very early conversion to digital technology.

Whaleshark at bagan, Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia. Image by Mathieu Meur

Mathieu went on to contribute regular columns on photography techniques to dive and photography publications.  In 2004, he co-authored “An Essential Guide to Digital Underwater Photography” with Michael Aw.  This was the first book entirely dedicated to the techniques for shooting digital images underwater. Following the success of this introductory book, he went on to co-author “An Advanced Guide to Digital Underwater Photography” in 2007.  

He had recently completed a new, comprehensive book on underwater digital photography, “Complete Digital Underwater Photography”. This was the first and at the time the only interactive iBook on underwater photography. He is also a regular speaker at dive events, judge at underwater photography competitions, and coach at underwater photography workshops.

Navigating Underwater Photography

Macro shot of Tiny crab in soft coral, Komodo, Indonesia by Mathieu Meur

While Mathieu enjoys taking a variety of images, he loves wide-angle images, as they allow him to share the beauty of the underwater world with others. In addition,  macro photography is one of his favourites, as it highlights the incredible colors and patterns of marine animals.

Back in 2001 when underwater photography courses were rare or even non-existent, Mathieu wrote his own underwater digital photography course, which is something that he remains very proud of to this day. He has also been a member of the jury at numerous photography competitions, but the one that remains special to him was being one of the judges at the World Underwater Photography Competition in 2007.

Hear more from Mathieu Meur!

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