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62,000 seat stadium will eliminate plastic cutlery, stirrers and straws

Article extracted from Asian Diver Issue 02/2020 (155)

It’s not just on a national level where change is being implemented. Several evolved and active brands have derived, produced or presented products to the world that take on an environmentally friendly angle by promoting sustainability. Let’s celebrate the respective initiatives taken up by commercial brands, non-governmental organisations, non-profit organisations, and social and technical enterprises, as we attempt to capture some of the most unique and memorable ones.

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The 62,000 seat stadium will eliminate plastic cutlery, stirrers and straws

The North London football club has decided to eliminate plastics from their new stadium, hoping to mobilise their massive fanbase and push the plastic-free cause to the next level. Their new 62,000-seat stadium will eliminate plastic cutlery, stirrers and straws, and the plastic packaging that accompanies them. They will also replace plastic bags with biodegradable ones and contracts with suppliers will include a condition to curtail plastic usage.


The Spanish football club created a new coral-themed kit made from recycled plastic in collaboration with Adidas and environmental organisation Parley for the Oceans. The kits are designed from plastic rescued from or near the ocean to underline plastic pollution in the world’s seas. This is Real Madrid’s third kit for the 2018/19 La Liga football season.

“The jersey’s unique coloring represents various shades of coral; a homage to the beauty of the oceans that we need to protect.”


In July 2018, Disney expanded its environmental commitment by eliminating single-use plastic straws and stirrers at all of its operations across the globe by mid-2019. That amounts to more than 175 million straws and 13 million stirrers. Bob Chapek, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Consumer Products stated

“Eliminating plastic straws and other plastic items are meaningful steps in our long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship. These new global efforts help reduce our environmental footprint, and advance our long-term sustainability goals”.

Alongside the reduction of single-use plastics, the company wants to move to refillable amenities in its hotels and cruise ships. This initiative should reduce roughly 80 percent of plastics in guest rooms. To lessen their plastic burden, Disney will offer reusable bags at a small cost and curb polystyrene cups across all business operations.

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