The deep blue is a fascinating place. Here are some unique finds underwater… Including the man – Ahmed Gabr – who decided to break the barriers and accomplish the deepest scuba dive ever!

Ahmed Gabr’s record scuba dive 332.35 metres into the Red Sea is the deepest ever. Making a stand for our oceans, he founded an organisation and mobilised 614 divers for the world’s largest underwater clean-up. As a technical diving instructor trainer, he is backed by 20+ years experience in sport and military diving; an ex-Special Forces officer, a graduate of the US Combat Diver course, his passion for technical diving began soon after becoming a professional dive instructor in 1996.

Interested in what Ahmed experienced on the deepest dive ever? 

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Join Ahmed Gabr (Egypt), the Guinness World Record holder in the Deepest Scuba Dive, as he brings you deeper, and deeper into the depth of 332.35 metres – literally the deepest a man has ever been!

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