ADEX Singapore April 14 Post Show Report


The final day of ADEX Singapore 2019 brought even more excitement as celebrity speakers such as Patty Lee, freediving world record holder Alexei Muchanov, inspirational heroes and thought provoking talks on plastic pollution and tek diving helped pushed excitement at ADEX to a new level.

Starting out at 10am in the morning at the Tek Dive Conference, cinematographer and technical diver Nathalie Lasselin talked to the audience about her trip to the Arctic. Showing the audience photos of her trip, Nathalie mentioned that climate change has drastically shortened the ice in the arctic.

Nathalie Lasselin talking about her trip to the Arctic

Next up was Michael Menduno who introduced the audience to “technical freediving” where freedivers undergo pre-breathing of nitrox mix before their freedive to load their body with oxygen. This flushes out carbon dioxide in the body, changing blood chemistry to enable freedivers to dive longer. Pre-breathing oxygen doubles your freediving times when holding your breath in freediving as compared to pre-breathing air before your freedive (24 minutes versus 11 minutes)

Michael Menduno explaining about Technical Freediving

At 11.40am ADEX attendees were treated to a talk by famous Taiwanese TV dive show host Patty Lee, whose television dive show, Salty Mask is on its third season already.

Patty’s popular talk at lunch time was followed by an Inspirational Talk by ADEX Heroes. Featuring Her Royal Highness Princess Zatashah Idris, whose sustainability campaign is transforming Malaysia. Famous Indonesian actress, Chelsea Islan, who is also the President and Founder of Youth Of Indonesia and appointed the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Indonesia Sustainable Development Goals Mover and National Ambassador for Goal 14 & 15 (Life on Water & Life on Land as also on hand to share her wisom on , the panel also included Ahmed Gabr, the world record holder for the deepest scuba dive at a depth of 325 metres, Ms Brittany, a mermaid who overcame her personal disabilities to become an internationally renowned mermaid and Mark Rausch, who has dedicated his life to helping the disabled and is course director and Handicap Scuba Association.

VR movies for diving were available for a test drive at ADEX 2019

The ADEX Inspiration Talk was swiftly followed by the Future Forward panel discussion on single use plastics in Asia. Moderated by Dr. Toh Tai Chong from the National University of Singapore, the panel featured scientists like Dr Andrew Chin from James Cook University, Dr. Merrin Pearse, Sustainability consultant and ecopreneur, Dr Suchana Apple Chavanch, Dr Voranop Viyakarn and Thirach RungruangKnokkul Executive Director at Agriculture and Food Marketing Association for Asia and Pacific.

Alexey Molchanov giving tips about traiining for freediving

Freediving fans also got to see their hero up close and personal at the Freediving conference at ADEX Singapore as Alexey Molchanov, ADEX Ambassador for Freediving, gave a talk on training for freediving through yoga, flexibility exercises and explained how the development of your breathing muscles can help you to breathe better and thus relief tension and stress from daily life.

The VOO judges, from left: Aaron Wong, Henley Spiers, Christian Vizl, Indra Swari W, Amanda Cotton and Ellen Cuylaerts

Of course, no ADEX Singapore would be complete without the Voice of the Ocean Competition. With an esteemed panel of judges that included Christian Vizl, Amanda Cotton, Ellen Cuylaerts, Indra Swari W, Henley Spiers and Aaron Wong, audiences were treated to expert analyses of beautiful underwater photographs as the winners walked away with holiday stays at Raja Ampat, Komodo National Park , Atlantis Puerta Galera, Atlantic Dumaguete, Summerbay Resort, Ceningan Divers, Fiji, Aggressor Indo & Ombak Rindu.

See you at ADEX China in July!