ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta Kicks Off with a Splash!


The ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta


ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta officially kicked off on 5 July 2019 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in conjunction with ISPO Shanghai, multi-segment summer trade show that provides a platform for innovation, marketing, networking and communication for China’ sports market. Lovers of all kinds of sports gathered in Hall N2 for the opening ceremony that sees sports stars such as the football star Fan Zhiyi and sports industry leaders convening together to make the opening speeches on the massive growing popularity of outdoor sports in China as well as ribbon cutting. The opening ceremony ended with a “ISPO X Tmall Sports fashion show”, showcasing renowned brands such as Columbia and The North Face.

Patrick Stueber speaking at the ISPO Opening Ceremony


ISPO has strong presence in China for 15 years now, and ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta partners for the first time with ISPO on its 5th run in Shanghai to promote diving as summer sport in China. Renowned international brands in the dive industry such as PADI, SSI, SDI TDI EDI, DAN, Problue, Mola Mola Liveaboard, Infiniti Liveaboard, Sea Safari Cruises, Leaderfins and more are present at the Diving Section to promote the latest diving courses, diving gears and liveaboard experiences in this B2B-centric platform.

The PADI China booth at ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta


The Problue International booth at ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta


The SDI-TDI-ERDI booth at ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta


The SSI booth at ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta


Here are some words from diving brands on why they choose to join ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta. Stay tuned for more.

Jean-Claude Monochon from SSI

“I always heard Chinese people are not swimming. Well I think there are more swimmers in China than there is a population in Switzerland. Having said that, I see a very positive trend in the professionalism of Chinese instructors, I see a lot of people interacting in the diving industry, and also the snorkeling and mermaid programme.” – Jean Claude Monachon, SSI

“In Bunaken Island, we have many European people coming. So it’s very funny sometimes because the people from far they come to Bunaken, but the people from Asia, some of them don’t know Bunaken at all. So I want to follow ADEX, when I follow ADEX I got more benefits, like I got more guest and travel agents who want to work with me also.” – Elryc Mosal, MC Bunaken Dive Resort

Throughout the day, the activities and performance by SSI Mermaid and ADEX Mermaids at the Water Sports Village garnered a lot of attention from diving and non-diving visitors who came from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and more around the region.

SSI Mermaid Performance


The Water Sports Village

The Children Row Tryout area was full of participating future water champions!
The PADI Dive Demonstration saw a plethora of participants try their hand at diving

The second day of ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta on July 6th will see the start of diving seminars on stage, by representatives of diving industry leading brands such as Lou Yan from PADI China, Jean Claude Monachon from SSI, Andrea Salomi from CETMA Composite, as well as underwater photographer James Zhu.