Freedive Speakers


Jean-Pol Francois (Belgium/Phillippines)

ADEX Ambassador For Freediving
JP is a professional Freediving Instructor, Head of Education at AIDA International and PADI IT. National and World records hold and over 25 years of freediving experience, JP has travelled South-East Asia to develop a free diving community and is recognised as the Godfather of Freediving instructors, and also as the Godfather of most AIDA Judges worldwide.

Pepe Arcos (Spain)

ADEX Honorary Ambassador for Filmmaking
Former Freediving champion and now a full time photographer and filmmaker, Pepe Arcos is an award winning multitalented shooter that explores this underwater domain, holding breath for minutes at a time to capture unique images of ethereal calm. A talented individual who dodge even greater odds to document aspects of the underwater world that even the fastest scuba diver will fail to capture.

Dada Li (China)

ADEX Ambassador for Freediving
Dada Li is the first Chinese female PADI Master Freediver Instructor and AIDA international freediving instructor and Judge. She single handedly created the first professional underwater performance team comprising of freedivers. She has been interviewed by Reuters, China Central Television, Guangdong TV, Jiangsu TV and other well-known media.