Dive Philippines

The Philippines comprised by some 7,107 islands is situated between Japan, Indonesia and the western reaches of the Pacific Ocean. Recent scientific studies showed that the archipelago is the “Center of Global Marine Biodiversity”, a cradle of diversity for the world’s coral reefs, with more species of both corals and fishes found here than any other place in the world. The center of the center in the Philippines is the “Verde Island Passage” which lies between Batangas, Mindoro, Lubang Island, Marinduque and Romblon.

With almost 59,000 kilometers of coastlines, the Philippines is considered the best diving destination in the world, with its tropical climate, warm waters, white sandy beaches and a wealth of diverse, colorful corals, fishes and amazing critters. Whether skin diving with whale sharks,or SCUBA diving with manta rays, observing thresher sharks, exploring caves and WW I or II shipwrecks, or simply enjoying the underwater sceneries, such as, dropoffs/walls, wide expanse of coral reefs and schools of fish – there is something for everyone, from a novice to the more experienced diver. The Philippines has almost everything!

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