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Ocean Ambassador

Since 2016
ADEX Ambassador
Marine Conservation

Years of Participation
2021, 2020
2019, 2018
2017, 2016



Dou Dou is an adventurer, scuba diver, freediver, filmmaker, conservationist, new explorer, wildlife photographer, director of National Geographic Channels and host of “Explore China”.

With more than one million followers on social media in China, she advocates and influence conservation and citizen science knowledge through her network and became the world’s first female with 5,100 meters of free diving potential on the plateau in 2018.

As a child, growing up by the sea, she was very scared of the water. It wasn’t until she came across diving in 2009 that she actually overcame her fears and discovered the beauty of the sea.

Since then, she became a certified freediver and has accumulated thousands of dives at locations like the high altitude Himalayan plateau region and the Arctic Qaanaaq Region.

Doudou has also launched an incredible career in underwater photography and filmmaking. She is the first female National Geographic Explorer from China, having worked on projects like Planet or Plastic and Extreme China. Additionally, she founded Mumu Nature in 2017, an institution for teaching outdoor sports and citizen science in nature to the public.

“I want to share and narrate the most authentic side of this planet in a diversified and interesting way,” says Doudou, “and rebuild the relationship between humans and nature.” 


Achievements Through The Years

– Committed to underwater photography on plateaus at elevations over 4,800 meters (15,750 feet), in order to fill the image void of plateau water life

– Responsible for commercial advertising management of National Geographic Channel’s Planet or Plastic

– Took part in filming the second episode of National Geographic Channel’s Extreme China, which has been broadcasted to more than 170 countries in 43 languages.

– Filmed shark slaughterhouses and black markets selling hawksbills sea turtle shells and giant clams in China, in order to raise public awareness of illegal fishing

– Launched youth advocacy program 100 Schools in 100 Cities in China

– Accumulated more than one million followers on social media

– Served as ADEX Asia underwater photography contest judge for 3 consecutive years

– Organized illustrators and material collectors to continuously create illustrations for the public every week since 2015, which has produced more than 600 issues with more than 2,000 works

– Founded Mumu Nature in 2017, an institution for teaching outdoor sports and citizen science in nature to the public

– Established the NGO Planet Hope in 2017 about environmental protection

Latest Project

Collaboration with ADEX