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Anaïs Martane, a 38-year-old, from Nice-France started learning Chinese at the age of 14. She is a graduand of the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) in Chinese. She has settled down in China for 17 years and has found her family and her life here. Anaïs works in multiple artistic areas.

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Achievements Through The Years


After studying for 6 months the basic photography in Paris, she arrived in China as a foreign student and started photography as an amateur and later as a professional. Since 2002, she has worked in Traffic d’Images as a young french photography agency as a press photographer for the French and foreign newspapers – Liberation, Le Monde, Telerama, Elle, and Marie Claire.

After 2004, she started working as a portrait photographer for Time Magazine, which brings her to publish and launch her first book “Chinese Portraits” 中国肖像 in both French and English language and distributed worldwide. The book revolves around 40 people across China and their testimony.

In June 2009, “Portraits of Beijing” was exhibited as part of the Croisements Festival 中法文化之春 in Beijing, Pékin Fine Arts Gallery, and Shanghai (IFA Gallery). 

Anaïs has been photographing and following the story to the traces of Jews in China – Harbin, Shanghai and Kaifeng using both photography and video to document as a medium. 

She has exhibited her work on the coexistence of the Jewish Refugees in Shanghai during World War II in 2005-2006 in Maison de la Chine in Paris and in 2010 “In Shanghai, a Jewish story…” in Tianjin, a former synagogue that turned into a 2T Cultural Center.

In 2010, Anaïs showcased three original works at the Pékin Fine Arts Gallery at “Water”, the first edition of the group exhibition of Cao Changdi Spring Photo Festival (草场地摄影季), where she had showcased photos of the youth underground music scene of Beijing from 2002 to 2006.


Naturally, Anaïs work direction progresses to take a turn towards video documentary, and eventually into cinematography. She was able to convert some of her video works into movies and creating documentaries from her photography.

Anaïs worked with Rosem Films, a French film production company, co-producing films with Chinese directors between 2004 and 2009. Together, they will produce 6 films, including the three that is selected for the Cannes Film Festival competition.


Working on the production of exhibitions for a few artists, the Chinese Photographers in Septembre de la Photo in Nice 2001/ Chinese Photographers in Arles Photography Festival in 2003) and she has also initiated the retrospective of a French New Wave female director, Agnes Varda, in China on 2012 at NAMOC.


In 2012, Anaïs has co-founded an art school for kids in Beijing named “Atelier Art School” and is currently still operating.


In 2015, Anaïs creates a high-quality musical audiobook of “The Little Prince” (in Mandarin) with the participation of educational associations together with her husband, the famous actor Liu Ye. The audiobook was a success and was eventually used as a school reference.


For a few years, she has partaken and endorsed as a public role model due to her famous and well-known family. Promoting artistic content through education, their initiatives are well-supported by several initiatives that focus on the development, education and the arts – such as the Picasso Exhibition in Shanghai Pavillon, French art books for kids published in China (Dada Serie), French music shows for kids from Le Forum des Images de Paris,  Israeli theatre play “Village” in China, dubbing french environmental short films for kids, planting gardens in Chinese school programme 种植吧校园丁.

In September 2017, she became the spokesperson for the French Chinese Environnement Month 中法环境月 with Master Jackie Chan.


Anaïs has appeared in some TV shows in China, such as, “Where is Daddy?”, 花样爷爷and commercial advertising. She is also the ambassador of Nactalia Organic French Formula Milk, MSC boat cruise with her husband and as an ambassador of the WILD AID Campaign for turtle protection.


Liu Ye and Anaïs represent a natural cultural bridge between France and China, after a hit reality show where the production was shot in Anais’s hometown, Nice. The couple was appointed as the “Honorific Citizen of Nice” by the Chinese Tourism in the region. They are also recognised as “Ambassadors of Tourism for the French Riviera” and also for Israel.  Liu Ye has recently just been awarded the “33rd Honorary Citizen of Nice” 尼斯荣誉市民 by the mayor of the city.


In 2017, Anais and Magnificient Theater Production collaborated (北京央华-安娜工作室) on several theatre production projects to create an international dance production on the Silk Roads theme. She is one of the 策划人 of the China Tour of the theatrical piece, “Saigon” and co-produced the Israeli piece “Ghetto”.


She also sang in the Canadian animation movie, “The Little Prince” 我是风. Anais started to perform on stage as well and her first music album was released in China in April 2018. Titled “Anna and her friends”, the album features folk songs in Chinese, French and several other languages with the famous authors and composers of the Chinese Folk Scene.


“Ghetto” will be the first time for her to play and sing the main role on stage.


Latest Project

Created from the ideation of two mums in China, two old friends, two music people,  and two territories.

As their kids were all at home, far from their friends, and to keep this exceptional moment of their life embedded in their memories, they have decided to record for a global version of the famous song by Michael Jackson, “We are the World “.

The music video convenes their friends and family from all over the world and the song was sung in their own native language. There are more than 40 kids who sung in 13 languages, from Chinese to Yoruba, from Lithuanian to Arabic. Musicians from Pakistan and Israel have brought their sounds to the song. They were inspired by all those people around the world that record songs from their home just to continue, by recording their own part to create a beautiful piece of work TOGETHER at the end.

It is an “amateur-without-goal-project-made by-professionals”.

A Music Project by 策划/制作:
Anais Martane 安娜伊思 马田
Yoyo 尤尤
Music Coordinator / Mix by 音乐总监/混录:Xiao He 小河
Musicians :
Piano 钢琴演奏:Zhou Xia 周侠
Ruan 阮: Xiao He 小河
Oud & Frame: Idan Toledano
Contrebasse: Tian You 天佑
Tablas: Amoos Khan
Electric Guitar: Brahin Pierre

Collaboration with ADEX