Becoming a Better Tek Diver: Tips on Sidemount & Backmount Diving




– Commander Vishwanath Rajan [India] Technical and Public Safety Diving Instructor, Founder and Director of Scuba Evolution India

– Yvonne Press [Germany] Director, Dark Horizon Diving

– Andy Davis [UK] Independent Technical Sidemount Wreck Instructor, Scuba Tech Philippines

– Edmund Yiu [HongKong SAR] RAID Regional Head for Greater China, Examiner, Recreational, Technical OC, CCR Instructor Trainer, Full Cave Instructor



– James Costello [UK] RAID Examiner Director, Diving Solutions (Asia), Director RAID – SMB

Mastering Freediving: How to Freedive



Gert Leroy [Belgium] A Certified Freediving Instructor and Youtuber

Underwater Portrait Photography



Xie Fei [China] Professional Underwater Photographer

Pixel 101:

20:20 Vision



Alex Mustard [United Kingdom]

Professional Underwater Photographer



Adam Hanlon [United Kingdom]

Publisher & Editor-at-Large, Wetpixel

Alex Mustard is an underwater photographer and marine biologist. He took his first underwater photos when just 9 years old. Alex has a PhD in marine ecology and worked as a marine scientist until 2004 when underwater photography became his career.

He has been winning international photography awards since his teens and his work is particularly well known from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, where it has featured in 14 different portfolio books of winning photographs over the last 20 years. In 2013, he was named overall winner of the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and is still the only underwater winner of that title. His book Reefs Revealed (2007) won the International Prize for Best Book of the Year at the World Festival of Underwater Pictures. He is the founder and chair of UPY: the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition.

He is especially known for sharing his knowledge, his best-selling book Underwater Photography Masterclass (2016) was reprinted just two weeks after being released. He runs highly popular underwater photography workshops all over the world. During the lockdown, he has recorded more than 200 episodes of Wetpixel Live, an educational YouTube on underwater photography with Adam Hanlon.

He has written over 500 illustrated articles for magazines around the world on underwater photography, marine life and scuba diving, and photographed over 200 underwater cover shots. He has contributed to more than 50 books, including those that accompany landmark documentary series, such as David Attenborough’s Life On Earth, Blue Planet and Our Planet.

In 2007, Nissan built a concept car version of the NV200 specifically designed around his needs as an underwater photographer, although he does not get to use it as it is now displayed in the Nissan museum in Tokyo! Alex is an Ambassador for Mares and the Fourth Element.

He has been an editor at Wetpixel.com since 2006, and a committee member of the British Society of Underwater Photographers since 2002. In 2016, he received the ADEX Award for his ‘Extraordinary Contribution to Underwater Photography” and in 2020 he was awarded the Golden Trident from the International Academy of Underwater Sciences.

In 2018, he received national recognition, receiving the title of MBE from Queen Elizabeth II for ‘services to underwater photography.”

In Conversation with David Strike: The Lust for Rust with Pete Mesley


Pete Mesley [New Zealand] Underwater Photographer, Technical Diver and Instructor, Member of the Explorers Club of New York


David Strike [Australia] ADEX Ambassador for Technical Diving, Pioneer & Fellow of The Explorers Club

Creative Underwater Photography with a Compact Camera



Enrico Somogyi [Germany] Professional Underwater Photography

Why I Love Gobies & You Should Too!


Dr Klaus Stiefel [Austria / Philippines] Adjunct Professor, Researcher, Professional Underwater Photographer and Videographer, Technical Diving Instructor, Scientific Author

A to Z
Human Factors & Diving


Gareth Lock [UK] Founder and Director of The Human Diver, OE Technical and JJ CCR Diver

Gareth has been involved in high-risk work since he left school in 1989. He spent 25 years in the RAF in a variety of front-line operational, research and development and systems engineering roles which has given him a unique perspective. In 2005 he started his dive training with GUE and is now an advanced trimix diver (Tech 2) and JJ-CCR Normoxic trimix diver. In 2016 he formed The Human Diver with the goal of bringing his operational, human factors and systems thinking to dive safety. Since then he has trained more than 350 people face-to-face around the globe, taught nearly 2000 people via online programmes, sold more than 4000 copies of his book Under Pressure: Diving Deeper with Human Factors, and produced ‘If Only…’ a documentary about a fatal dive told through the lens of Human Factors and a Just Culture. His goal, bring human factors practice and knowledge into the diving community to improve safety, performance and enjoyment.

Ocean Conservation


The Epic Journey of Recycled Marine Plastic

*Ocean Hero*
Rob Thompson [UK] Conservationist and Social Entrepreneur
Swietenia Puspa Lestari [Indonesia] Executive Director of Divers Clean Action
Mathilda D’Silva [Singapore] Founder of Ocean Purpose Project


Rob Thompson spent his childhood playing in the ocean. At the age of 3, he had his first glimpse under the surface of the ocean and instantly became hooked on the underwater world. However, his plastic Odyssey started properly in 2014 by pulling together a group of divers to clean up a cove in Cornwall. Thousands of pieces of plastic were recovered and we continued by setting up a charity to recover underwater ocean plastic. The challenges we faced were accessing coves, recycling recovered plastic, funding and preventing plastic from getting in the sea.
Rob believes part of the plastic problem is our lack of resourcefulness, and the thought that the plastic we recovered was ending up in landfills troubled me. Odyssey Innovation was established to pioneer the circular economy by converting plastic from beach cleans and end-of-life nets from fishing communities into products. Our first were kayaks, these are used in our ‘Paddle for Plastic’ campaign to support communities to collect plastic waste from otherwise inaccessible coves and waterways.
Our work is only possible through collaboration and through these we continue to capture people’s imaginations and change views about marine plastic “from waste to resource”.


Connecting the global dive industry, blue economy sectors and its community all in the comforts of your own home!

#APE ADEX Pixel Expo resumes with a monthly fringe festival by divers, for divers with exciting “virtually” interactive and engaging activities, such as ADEX Underwater360º Virtual Expo and ADEX Bingo! [COMING SOON!] that aims to bring dive-minded divers together over a united cause – diving and the ocean!

Organised by the digital platform for ADEX Asia Dive Expo, ADEX Pixel Expo, #APE 8th Monthly Virtual Event 2021 celebrates the diversity of the ocean and its diving landscape, with a series of events happening on the 8th of each month, with an aim to bring trending dialogue and deep-rooted tales on the pulse of scuba diving, with inspirational guests and insightful stories!

Plot your interest, save the dates!

Descending Deep into East Asia: Exploration into Diving Disciplines, Destinations, and Beyond

Descending Deep into South-East Asia: Exploration into Destinations and Diving. Plus, MAJULAH SINGAPURA

Delving into Dive Safety & Diving Courses

LIVE! ADEX Dive Bazaar • Asian Geographic UW & Watersports Bazaar

Descending Deep into West & South Asia: Exploration into Diving Disciplines, Destinations, and Beyond

Going Diveaholic with UW Equipment & Dive Gear



Underwater360° (UW360) is the umbrella platform that represents every major pillar of diving across Asia and the world. Since 2010, the platform hopes to hurdle together over 25,000,000* divers community globally through curating content and services that offers ‘everything one needs to know about exploring the world of water. Gathering the dive community, together with the whole diving industry, underwater360 provides informative, up-to-date, exciting information, all of which is easy to digest on the go such as their three magazines titles, a massive dive expo and a lifestyle, infotainment, directory and networking hub called ‘Diveaholic by underwater360’ for all the underwater enthusiasts out there. For more information, please visit www.uw360.asia.

* Source PADI Global Certification & Membership Statistics 2017


More than just an annual dive show, ADEX Series is inspired by the past and aims to lead the present and impact the future. The Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) is the largest and longest-running dive consumer and trade show in Asia, celebrating its 25th year in 2019. ADEX is endorsed by major industry organizations such as the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) and China Underwater Association and has been recognized as “Best Exhibition Organiser 2018” by the Singapore Tourism Board. ADEX was also recently appointed by the United Nations and Asia-Pacific Diving communities as Sustainable Ocean Ambassador. Underwater360 group has managed the event since 2009, resulting in significant growth and establishing ADEX as a must-attend event for anyone interested or involved in the world of diving. ADEX 2019 will take place in Singapore in April; in Shanghai and Beijing in July; and in Mumbai, India, for the first time in October. For more information, please visit www.adex.asia


“ADEX Pixel “Virtual” Expo is the product of COVID-19 pandemic and also the next stage for ADEX after 25 years. This platform will be the virtual/online arm to the existing ADEX series of shows as we hope to unite the industry as ‘One Industry. One Ocean. One Community’ and, also hopefully to be ‘The World’s First Digital Dive Show’!” 

– John Thet, CEO of ADEX series of shows, Project Director of ADEX Pixel “Virtual” Expo, Publisher and Editorial Director of Asian Diver, Scuba Diver Australasia/OceanPlanet, Founder of Historical Diving Society Asia, and President of Magazine Publisher Association of Singapore [MPAS] 

Connecting the global dive and marine conservation industry, blue economy sectors, and its community, ADEX PIXEL “Virtual” EXPO (#APE) brings together with the world’s best dive influencers, thought leaders, industry key players – speakers and exhibitors, NGOs/NPOs, social enterprises from the global landscape on ONE platform through new monthly contents that entertain, educate, and engage. #APE delivers informative contents, interviews, LIVE! webinars and podcast series, an expansive marketplace, community forum, a stunning image gallery showcasing 2,021 underwater images from all over the world, and more exciting elements – all in the comforts of your own home! For more information, please visit www.adex.asia



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