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Scott Tuason [Philippines] Professional Underwater Photographer
Scott was first handed his underwater camera at the age of 16. Decades later, his passion for photography has brought him on amazing journeys. From throwing himself into a feeding frenzy to dangling off a line in open water at night, his photography has been recognised by the Palme D’or at Antibes festival for his book Anilao, which he co-authored in 2000. His latest books, Blackwater and Open Blue, have won awards and are sold out worldwide.

Renee Capozzola [USA] Professional Underwater Photographer
Renee Capozzola is an award-winning underwater photographer who specializes in wide angle and split-level images. Her work is an intriguing combination of artistic talent honed through oil painting during her youth and a professional background in biology. Renee believes that striking images help increase awareness of our fragile marine ecosystems and encourage others to help protect our oceans. Her images have appeared in leading dive publications and have won over fifty prestigious international accolades including “Underwater Photographer of the Year 2021” in the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition and the “Female Fifty Fathoms Award” from the 2021 Ocean Photography Awards.

Tobias Friedrich [Germany] Professional Underwater Photographer
Tobias Friedrich is an multi award winning and fulltime underwater photographer from Germany. Several underwater photographic competitions, have honoured his work, resulting in over 50 awards with nearly 30 1st places. In 2018 he has been named “Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018” in the prestigious UPY London competition and “German Photographer of the Year 2019” at the Worldshootout. He started taking images underwater with a DSRL in the year 2007 and since then his images have been published hundreds of times in prestigious scuba diving magazines and newspapers around the world.

Matthew Smith [Australia] Professional Underwater Photographer
Matty Smith is a UK photographer and ambassador for Nikon Australia & Aquatica Digital Water Housings. After emigrating down under in 2007 in pursuit of furthering his photography career, Matty fell in love with the Pacific Ocean and has now made it his permanent playground. He is an Ocean Geographic Magazine Master Photographer and contributor to the Magazine, and has won over 25 international photography awards including the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award 2017. His works have been exhibited in museums all around the world including the London Natural History Museum and the Australian Museum, and have been used and published by National Geographic, The BBC’s Blue Planet 2 Documentary, The Washington Post, The Guardian and The Discovery Channel, amongst many others.

Imran Ahmad [Singapore] Professional Underwater Photographer
Imran Ahmad is one of Asia’s most internationally published underwater photographers. Capturing life above and below the water’s surface for over 25 years, Imran is best known for his experimental approaches to photography. He spends much of his time travelling the globe giving lectures and presentations, and promoting photography in all its aspects, both as an art form and documentation medium. He leads exclusive photography trips and runs workshops on wildlife, conservation, underwater and travel photography.

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Manuel Librodo [Philippines] Professional Photographer
A highly-decorated photographer – Specialising in travel and people, glamour and fashion photography, his popularity among photographers and photography fans is showcased by more than 27 million hits on his website. A number of big names in international photography have given praise to Librodo‘s works. In 2009, Scott Kelby called Librodo a photographer who has “phenomenal vision” who “creates pure magic”. Kelby added that Librodo was “one of the world‘s five best photographers whom you probably haven‘t heard about.”

Jose Jeuland [France] Professional Photographer
Born in Brittany, France, but now based in Singapore, Jose Jeuland started his photography journey in documentary photography. His work has been featured in international publications, and his project ‘Haenyo’, on the women divers of Jeju Island, was showcased in rock band U2’s 2019 concert in Seoul.
He is also the founder of his own photography and videography studio, COCO Creative Studio, where alongside his team, he tackles a variety of commercial projects for clients in multiple industries.
However, with borders opening, keep a lookout for more of Jose’s documentary work, as he begins to take on more opportunities for projects overseas.

Eric Goh [Malaysia] Professional Photographer / Underwater Photographer
Eric Goh started his underwater photography career two decades ago. His underwater images have since graced international magazines and newspapers. His work has been commissioned by major tourism campaigns and has been featured prominently in city walkways and national billboards. He is frequently also a judge in international photography competitions.

Dr Kalus Stiefel [Austria / Philippines] Professional Photographer / Underwater Photographer
Originally from Vienna, Austria, Dr. Klaus M. Stiefel is a biologist teaching at the Silliman University (Philippines) Institute for Environmental and Marine Sciences. Klaus is also an underwater photographer and videographer, popular science writer and technical diving instructor. His latest books, The Lives of Gobies is out now with Asian Geographic.
You can see Klaus’ underwater photos and videos on social media where he is active as Pacificklaus.

Aaron Wong [Singapore] Professional Photographer / Underwater Photographer
Aaron Wong is a professional underwater photographer with over two decades of field experience. He is the ADEX ambassador of photography, Seacam ambassador Scubapro Deep Elite, member of the Ocean Artists Society and the field editor of Scuba Diver Australasia.


Connecting the global dive industry, blue economy sectors and its community all in the comforts of your own home!

ADEX Pixel 360° Virtual Expo 2022 is back with a monthly fringe festival by divers, for divers with exciting *virtually” interactive and engaging webinars lined up that aims to bring dive-minded divers together over a united cause – diving and the ocean!


Organised by the digital platform for ADEX Asia Dive Expo and ADEX Pixel Expo, #APE 360° Virtual Expo celebrates the diversity of the ocean and its diving landscape, with a series of events happening every month, to bring trending dialogue and deep-rooted tales on the pulse of diving, with inspirational quests and insightful stories!


Mark your calendars and join us every month on these special dates:





08/06/2022 (World Ocean Day)








6 exciting sessions every month will see speakers from various disciplines share their diving feats:


#1 Photography

Photography requires a keen eye for detail and a good set of photography equipment. Good photography requires patience. Experienced photographers and individuals alike come together, either in a panel format or a single presentation, to share their breathtaking shots in the deep blue. Marvel at their photographic feats every month and even pick up a photography secret or two!


#2 Regular Session

Every month, we’re joined by industry experts and game changers who actively immerse themselves into the exciting world of diving. Our speakers will put forward their unique perspectives and their personal anecdotes on the unpredictable dive industry as well as their favourite dive destinations. Get decked up for your next dive and come join us in these sessions happening every month — you never know what you might discover next!


#3 DiveTraining

The session will cover the vast world of diving, from essential skills and techniques to crash courses on dive safety to the challenging art of deep breathing. Joined by qualified dive masters, don’t miss out on learning from the pros! Regardless of your dive proficiency, this monthly session is great for refining your skills and picking up new diving tips and tricks along the way.


#4 Animal behaviour

Every month, ADEX Pixel invites a speaker to explore the fascinating kingdom of Animalia! Covering mating behaviours, migration patterns, and the many such peculiarities of animals, this session is a great informative introduction to the natural world. Whether you’re a student, a diver, or just an avid animal enthusiast, join us every month for an exciting session with the experts!


#5 BlueGreen360

The oceans have fallen prey to the talons of climate change and we’re doing our part in making a change. Happening every month, come hear about what ocean activists and industry players have to say about the current climate. The challenges faced by communities and the inventive efforts in place to alleviate the crisis are some of the concerning topics discussed during these sessions.


#6 In Conversation with David Strike

The charming David Strike graces us in this enthralling monthly series — In Conversation with David Strike. David invites to the session some of the diving world’s most distinguished individuals from all over the world. There’s never a dull moment with David and his guests as they embark on a compelling conversation surrounding their dive portfolio, that’s undoubtedly bursting at the seams.



Underwater360° (UW360) is the umbrella platform that represents every major pillar of diving across Asia and the world. Since 2010, the platform hopes to hurdle together over 25,000,000* divers community globally through curating content and services that offers ‘everything one needs to know about exploring the world of water. Gathering the dive community, together with the whole diving industry, underwater360 provides informative, up-to-date, exciting information, all of which is easy to digest on the go such as their three magazines titles, a massive dive expo and a lifestyle, infotainment, directory and networking hub called ‘Diveaholic by underwater360’ for all the underwater enthusiasts out there. For more information, please visit www.uw360.asia.

* Source PADI Global Certification & Membership Statistics 2017


More than just an annual dive show, ADEX Series is inspired by the past and aims to lead the present and impact the future. The Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) is the largest and longest-running dive consumer and trade show in Asia, celebrating its 25th year in 2019. ADEX is endorsed by major industry organizations such as the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) and China Underwater Association and has been recognized as “Best Exhibition Organiser 2018” by the Singapore Tourism Board. ADEX was also recently appointed by the United Nations and Asia-Pacific Diving communities as Sustainable Ocean Ambassador. Underwater360 group has managed the event since 2009, resulting in significant growth and establishing ADEX as a must-attend event for anyone interested or involved in the world of diving. ADEX 2019 will take place in Singapore in April; in Shanghai and Beijing in July; and in Mumbai, India, for the first time in October. For more information, please visit www.adex.asia


“ADEX Pixel “Virtual” Expo is the product of COVID-19 pandemic and also the next stage for ADEX after 25 years. This platform will be the virtual/online arm to the existing ADEX series of shows as we hope to unite the industry as ‘One Industry. One Ocean. One Community’ and, also hopefully to be ‘The World’s First Digital Dive Show’!” 

– John Thet, CEO of ADEX series of shows, Project Director of ADEX Pixel “Virtual” Expo, Publisher and Editorial Director of Asian Diver, Scuba Diver Australasia/OceanPlanet, Founder of Historical Diving Society Asia, and President of Magazine Publisher Association of Singapore [MPAS] 

Connecting the global dive and marine conservation industry, blue economy sectors, and its community, ADEX PIXEL “Virtual” EXPO (#APE) brings together with the world’s best dive influencers, thought leaders, industry key players – speakers and exhibitors, NGOs/NPOs, social enterprises from the global landscape on ONE platform through new monthly contents that entertain, educate, and engage. #APE delivers informative contents, interviews, LIVE! webinars and podcast series, an expansive marketplace, community forum, a stunning image gallery showcasing 2,021 underwater images from all over the world, and more exciting elements – all in the comforts of your own home! For more information, please visit www.adex.asia



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