Founded in 1994, Keldan Advanced Lighting Technology came about when Daniel Keller, a prolific diver and an electrical engineer with a MSc in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ), made a dive light for his wife as a birthday present in the early 90’s. When his friends at his local dive club saw the incredible performance and quality of the dive light, Keller was inundated with requests to manufacture more and KELDAN was born. Since then, KELDAN has grown to become a globally respected manufacturer of the highest performing underwater video lighting equipment.

Continuous Research and Development

KELDAN has built its reputation on the continuous improvement of its product through continuous research and development. All its optical, mechanical and electronic components are carefully designed in-house to ensure that even professionals will be impressed by the quality of its products.

Keldan Products

Known for their video lights and handheld lights, KELDAN video lights are known to be compact, light in weight with excellent photometric specifications. Its modular design allows KELDAN lights to be easily configured for all types of professional video needs underwater.

KELDAN handheld lights are dive lights with full features which are small in size, user friendly and are optimized for maximum brightness. They are often used by divers who need a light in lakes, night dives, ice-, wreck- and technical diving as well as rescue and outdoor operations and law enforcement.