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Alan Lam is the founder of AQUATICITY freediving/mermaid academy and key Distributor of high end Freediving equipments in HK & China, caring brand PATHOS, Carbonio G.F.T, CETMA, BLACKTECH, Majestic, OCEANER, POLO SUB, MERMAN., His passion for the aquatics started from a holiday trial dive when he was 16 years old, that soon formulated into his biggest interest he pursued in all his spare time. He is also Scuba & Snorkel Instructor in 2005, advanced instructor of CMA in 2012 and AIDA Freediving instructor in 2015.


Alexey Molchanov has set the new Constant Weight (CWT) Freediving World Record. The freediving superstar broke his own AIDA World Record in Constant Weight (CWT) by diving to 129m in 3min 50sec. Despite strong currents, this record beat his previous World Record depth of 128m set in 2013 at the AIDA Depth World Championships in Kalamata, Greece.


Chris Kim is the co-founder of the Singapore-based freediving school, Zen Freediving, where he teaches and coaches in local waters.

Chris' love of freediving began a decade ago with an encounter with humpback whales off of Kona, Hawaii. Since then he has been obsessed with becoming an ocean inhabitant and teaching others about the calm, full-body meditation that is freediving. In his own words, "Freediving is not a sport as much as a perspective, an experience and a way of life."

Chris has trained with world record holders William Trubridge and Goran Colak and was the winner of the 2015 Singapore Pool Freediving Open and the silver medalist of the 2015 Australian National Depth Championship.


There was a girl who got addicted to the feeling of freedom since her first free dive in the crystal blue ocean, which made her believe she was a mermaid in her previous life. With this belief, she practiced almost every single day, making her own tail to realise the mermaid dream. Her name is Dada Li. She has been wandering within the blue, advancing to become an underwater model, as well as an AIDA international Freediving Instructor and Judge.


Erez Beatus has been active in the freediving community for two decades. Following a successful competitive career which included a world record, Erez has shifted his focus to education. He is the head of education for Apnea International and the owner of Apnea Australia. Erez is an award winning photographer which mainly focuses on the conservation of marine mammals and sharks.

federicbuyleHS.png  FREDERIC BUYLE (BELGIUM)

Frederic Buyle is a Belgian freediver. After setting several world records in the 90’s he turned to underwater photography. He uses his freediving skills to help marine scientists all over the world. His work focuses on positive imagery to support ocean conservation. 


JP is a professional passionate Freediving Instructor, Head of Education at AIDA International and PADI IT. With over 25 years of free diving experience, and holding some National and World records, JP travelled all around South-East Asia to share his passion and develop a free diving community, becoming recognised as not only the Godfather of Freediving instructors or Athletes, but also the Godfather of most of the AIDA Judges in Asia and many around the world.


First picking up Freediving in Australia when he was a student, Jonathan has grown to be a passionate freediver excited to share his love for the oceans. A PADI Master Freediver Instructor, Jonathan formed the Apnea Association of Singapore, an organisation focusing and supporting the growth of Freediving in Singapore. He's also a competitive freediver and currently holds all 6 Singapore National records, 4 of which are currently South East Asian records. To Jonathan, Freediving is more than just a sport, it is a gateway to understanding oneself and overcoming inner barriers. When not freediving, Jonathan can be found playing Underwater Hockey and Underwater Rugby. 


Nora started freediving in 2012 out of curiosity and has not looked back since there. Freediving has opened many doors of opportunity for her and she used them to create awareness back home in Indonesia. Nora is a competitive freediver, underwater model, and a PADI Scuba Dive master. Now as freediving increases in popularity, she looks forward to seeing greater growth and inspiring more freedivers in the future.


Born and raised in Switzerland, he moved to Indonesia in 2011 to start Freedive Flow. Oli is known in the world of freediving as the author of the current AIDA Education materials and a versatile speaker and travelling freedive evangelist. He has been awarded 2015 by PADI for his outstanding contribution as a member of the PADI Freediver Advisory Group. Oli sees freediving as a relaxing and the most direct way to interact with underwater nature. But in a much broader perspective, for him freediving is a powerful tool to open new doors and gain insights to ourselves. In his Instructor Trainings he emphasizes perfect freediving technique as much as excellent teaching skills to create a safe environment for all students and making every freedive course an unforgettable experience.


Former Freediving champion and now a full time photographer and filmmaker, Pepe Arcos is an award winning multitalented shooter that explores this underwater domain, holding breath for minutes at a time to capture unique images of ethereal calm. A talented individual who dodge even greater odds to document aspects of the underwater world that even the fastest scuba diver will fail to capture.


Suzy’s love of the Ocean and its inhabitants began during her youth, and she is now using her freediving skills to collaborate with Project:C:Change, an organisation dedicated to generate awareness in China and Asia about global environmental degradation, climate change and conservation through Media Arts. She is a PADI and AIDA Master freediver Instructor and an AIDA International Judge. She is the Co-founder of Freediving Planet, a name dedicated to provide worldwide quality freediving education and top freediving equipment.


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